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Anthony Davis injury update: Lakers star ruled out of Game 6 due to groin tension


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Anthony Davis He attempted to play in Game 6 of the Los Angeles Lakers’ first-round series against the Phoenix Suns, but left in apparent pain less than six minutes into the game. In the first half, the Lakers excluded him from the remainder of the game. Davis overextended his knee in the Lakers’ win in Game 3, but struggled through pain to play in Game 4. .

The Lakers lost Game Five by 30 points without Davis, so they may have realized they had no chance of winning Game Six without him. The Lakers track this series 3-2, and if they lose on Thursday, the season will end and the championship defense in the first round against their rival Suns.

This entire series was defined by injuries. Chris Paul injured his shoulder in Game 1, and despite performing excellently in Game 4, he has mostly struggled in other games. Quintavius ​​Caldwell Pope missed Game Four with a knee injury. LeBron James has a sprained ankle and it wasn’t the same as all series. The Lakers have struggled with injuries all year long with many questioning whether a shortened off-season contributed to their health problems.

The Lakers risked bringing Davis back to Earth. They are still 13 wins away from their second straight championship, but Davis signed a five-year contract in his last off-season. Lacker will be in the long run, and if he gets hurt again, the team’s future could be in jeopardy. But he and the medical staff thought he could help the Lakers keep their season alive, so he gave it a try. That decision didn’t work out, and now Davis is up all night.


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