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Parul Parmar Palak Kohli prepares to participate in Tokyo with badminton participation in Paralympics | badminton news


Bonnie: At least they’re a separate generation. But in terms of dream sharing, they couldn’t be closer.
shutters Parmar hairand 48 and Palak Kohli, 18 years old, working hard to realize their dream of participating in Paralympic Games.
Husband qualified for Tokyo Paralympics, which will witness the appearance of badminton for the first time.
They cleared the first hurdle by qualifying for the Games based on their world rankings (#6), but the real work is only beginning now.
The duo has been training in Lucknow for nearly a year away from their homes. Palak hails from Jalandhar, while Parul has a Har family in Gandhinagar.
“We supported each other because we stay close to each other in Lucknow. It was my dream to see one day when badminton is played in the Paralympics. Two-time world champion Parul told TOI.
Parul is older than Palak’s father.
“We both have our strengths and weaknesses. It’s not about age, it’s about fitness and experience. For us, it works both ways. While Parol Didi’s movements are restricted, I’m running sprints; it’s all about running;
The husband is friendly off the field. “We don’t have a lot in common, but she’s always there when I need some help with technology. She helps me fill out online forms, download apps, and things like that,” Parol said.
With her legs crippled with polio since birth, Parol plays in the SL3 class. Palak, who was born without her left hand below the elbow, plays in the SU5 class.
The number in the category determines the degree of disability. The lower the number, the higher the degree of disability. According to the rules, the total number of both partners should not exceed eight.
Ballack and Parul coach Gaurav Khanna said the Paralympics will be a tough podium, but the duo are doing their best in training. “Other countries have SU4 players (upper body handicap). They are good at covering the court. For us, only Ballack do it, but they do it well. On the other hand, Parol’s experience is helpful in planning the game by opponents.” Khanna said.
The pair are supported under the TOPs, but Parul has a lot at stake. “I got support now, but earlier I was always on my own. I am an employee of Gujarat State Sports Authority. But I haven’t been able to join the business for almost two years as I was busy playing tournaments to earn points for the Paralympic classification cutoff and I was I am staying in Lucknow for training.“I don’t know if I will be able to keep my job once I return,” she said.
Parol’s legs were affected by polio after birth. She started playing badminton with her father at a young age. “I needed to exercise because of my condition, so my mom started sending my dad with my dad when I was three,” she said.
She sacrificed a lot to live out her dream of becoming a Paralympic athlete. “I didn’t get married because I wanted to play. Every time the Olympics were announced, I was praying for badminton to be included. It happened in Tokyo and I want to do my best, because sport has been my life. My brother and sister have supported me a lot on this journey.



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