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UK Training Week 2021 | Badminton England


Today marks the start of UK Training Week and therefore provides the perfect opportunity for us to learn about and thank the coaches who keep our sport alive.

During this week we will be spotlighting grassroots coaches and showcasing content from within the National Center training facility highlighting the diverse range of coaching talent in England.

We will also be sharing resources and tagging key areas on our website for coaches to visit and arm themselves with more great skills to get back into their communities.

With our seven case studies, which you’ll be able to find in the news section of the Badminton England website, we’ll gain perspectives from a diverse group of coaches and players on the importance and impact of good training on their travels. .

Stay tuned to Badminton England and social channels for more information throughout the week as we applaud the coaches who continue to guide, inspire and learn from badminton players across the country.

And if you are eager to start your own coaching journey, Visit our page Dedicated to finding a course that works for you.


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