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Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn Dating in France: Couple Meets as Girlfriend Prepares for Sochi Games [PHOTOS, VIDEO] : Golf: News of the world of sport


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Tiger Woods in France To support his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn She is trying to overcome her recent knee problems and defend her Olympic gold medal in the upcoming Sochi Games. Look at the photo of the couple Here.

to me USA Today The world’s top sports golfer was seen swinging on Saturday as his girlfriend struggled to cross the finish line during an event on the slope.

“I didn’t hurt myself more than I already did,” Vaughn later said USA Today. “It was a little pressure, and it was fully loaded onto the right sled. I didn’t have any chance of making that gate, unfortunately. I’m going to stick to a similar plan I’ve been on before. I just want to be more careful with the number of races I do. So I’m going to play it safe And I race a minimum number of races, maybe one or two before the Olympics.

Vaughn suffered a partial rupture of his ACL during an accident last month. Several months ago, she tore the anterior cruciate ligament and the medial collateral ligaments in the same right knee.

In an effort to come back from the Olympics, Vaughn previously told the media, Woods has been a great source of support and has helped her stay positive throughout the rehab process.

“Sometimes I panic and worry and he says, ‘Calm down, you’re fine,'” Vaughn said. USA Today.

In his blog this week, Woods explained how he tried to help the woman he’s been dating now for over a year. “Having had reconstructive surgery on my knee and the rehabilitation that followed, and the amount of pain associated with it, it’s really hard to explain to anyone unless you’ve been through it,” he wrote. “Then I come back to it mathematically, to trust that she will be there, it is a completely different game. I’ve had my share of experiences with this – unfortunately – but I think it helps her to some extent because she can bounce off ideas of what to expect. It’s practical. Frustrating and really hard to implement.”

Woods later wrote, “We see our sports through the same glass in how we approach it. We both work hard and are ready for our seasons. And when we’re ready to go, we give our all and there’s no holding back. I think those are some things we have in common. But it should be more aggressive in Her sport than I have to be in my country.You’re trying to make your way down a mountain at over 80mph, and you have to have the adrenaline and aggressiveness to do it…As much as Lindsay competes in Sochi, we’re very optimistic, it all depends on how be this knee.


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