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Donovan Mitchell’s brutal comments about the Clippers prove true


The Utah Jazz He jumped from a 13-point deficit in the first half to equalize the score in the fourth quarter in Game 1 of the Western Conference semi-final match against Los Angeles Clippers In 2021 NBA playoffs Tuesday. Donovan Mitchell was the catalyst, rebounding from an ineffective first game to burn the net in the third and putting Utah in a position to steal the win.

As the game approached the fourth quarter, Mitchell—who had been wearing a microphone throughout the game for TNT—was caught telling teammate Joe Inglis that Los Angeles would pull out if the Jazz team pressured them at the start of the last period.

“They played Game 7 two days ago,” Mitchell said. “It’s all how we start this quarter. They’ll call it finish and get ready for Game 2 if we do that.”

Mitchell would finish throwing the ball in the lead for one to score the first Utah points of the period. He hit a step back three times later to raise the Jazz three, giving them a lead they’ll never give up.

The Jazz team won, 112-109, to take a 1-0 lead over the Clippers in their second round match. Jordan Clarkson and Bojan Bogdanovic each scored 18 points, and Rudy Gobert made a save to save the match from a bell on Marcus Morris’ three pointers that could have tied the match. A Utah win that game without Mike Conley, who had a hamstring injury, makes it all the more impressive.

The Jazz was ranked #1 in the Western Conference and finished with the best net rating in the NBA with an equalization approach that involved every member of the team, and this game was no different. But when the Jazz had to dig deep to find the insult, Mitchell was the star of the show.

Mitchell finished 45 points and five assists in 16 of 30 shots from the ground and 6 of 15 shots from three. In what has become a trend in the 24-year-old’s career, Mitchell is taking his game to new heights in the playoffs:

It’s the fourth time Mitchell has scored 40 or more points in 28 playoffs in his career, equaling Karl Malone for the most in jazz history. Malone, the NBA’s second-best scorer of all time, needed 149 games to do so.

Mitchell’s average is 28.1. point per playoff game over the course of his career, Which puts him in a truly elite company. His match numbers are increasing across the board when compared to the regular season numbers.

Mitchell was also right about the clippers. Los Angeles needed seven games to get past Dallas Mavericks After the chain in the 0-2 hole. The Clippers’ decisive seventh game victory over Dallas occurred in the early hours of Sunday afternoon, giving Los Angeles a brief respite and a brief warm-up period before the first game against the Jazz. Elevation in Utah presented another challenge. The Clips got a gift with Conley absent and couldn’t take advantage, but they were in the game most of the night. This chain looks like it will be disputed the entire way.

The Clippers should think Paul George – who finished with 4 points out of 17 – would play better. The Jazz could have a better offensive tackle than Joubert, and Conley is likely to get him back. It was easy to give the Clippers a small advantage as they entered the series because they had the best player in Kawhi Leonard, but at some point Mitchell’s playoff outreach couldn’t be ruled out. It was enough to give the Jazz a 1-0 lead on Tuesday.


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