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USMNT’s Sebastian Lletget explains how US victory over Mexico gives ‘real faith’ to the team


For Sebastian Leggett of the US men’s team, Sunday night’s victory over Mexico in the CONCACAF Nations League final was not only about lifting the trophy. In the classic overtime saga, the midfielder believes the team has accomplished so much more. Talk to Luis Miguel Echigaray from CBS Sports ¡Qué Golazo! audio notation, Lletget said the USMNT has reached a point where they now believe they can win anything.

“There is something going on inside of you when you win something like that,” he said on Wednesday, hours before the team’s friendly match with Costa Rica. “Even in the way we won, there is an added belief that you can really do it.

“It’s just a real belief that whatever game we play, any tournament we play in, we know we can win it now. You’re crossing that line.”

You can watch his full interview with ¡Que Golazo! below:

Lletget came off the bench in the match, and the score hung in the balance. In extra time 2-2, it was Christian Pulisic’s penalty kick that put the United States ahead before Ethan Horvath’s heroic penalty save on the other end of the title win. Lightgate said he mentally believes the match will do miracles for a young team, a team that has higher expectations than any other American team in history.

“We have the ability, we have the talent,” Lletget said. “That was never a question. But now do you have that personality, do you have the personality to really win things?”

“We’ve been trying to figure it out…whatever we go into now, I really feel like this group thinks we can win it.”

The team’s next big test in terms of competition is the Gold Cup in July before World Cup qualifiers begin later this year. With a busy June schedule, the national team is trying to emulate what it will experience in qualifying, sometimes playing three matches in one international break.


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