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41 players are sure to leave their Welsh territories as teams shrink


About 41 players will leave their home region this summer, with a few remaining within Welsh rugby.

The financial effects of Covid-19 and the ongoing uncertainty over the level of payments the Welsh rugby union will pay to the regions have made planning very challenging.

It has forced some regions to rebalance their books, resulting in a huge number of players being fired this summer.

Some players are already committed to other areas but there are some big names, notably Corey Allen and Scott Williams, whose futures remain unclear.

Regarding the decision to release Wales international Williams, Toby Booth, President of Ospreys, said: “It’s horrible to touch on. You do it as respectfully and honestly as possible – the players respect honesty.

“It’s not a nice conversation. It’s actually a tenfold magnified choice conversation and that’s really brutal.

“I try to be as empathetic as I can, and with some of the players, I try to help them by giving them good references for what their future entails.”

After leaving Cardiff Blues, Ewan Davis and Ben Warren join Dragons and Osprey, respectively.

Meanwhile, Rodney Parade’s Matthew Screaming is heading to Cardiff Blues, where he came through the ranks as an academic nominee.

In the West, Jack Morgan and Ossian Knott move from Scarletts to Ospreys.

Experienced activists Brooke Harris and Lewis Evans are retiring from The Dragons and Werner Krueger from Team Scarletts, while Jake Paul Wells heads to Australia to be with his family.

A slew of Dragons Departures head to the English Championship in search of playtime, including Arwel Robson, who once seemed to be the future of the region.

While there is a significant drop in numbers, there will be some new players coming in.

The Ospreys, in particular, have been busy bringing in new talents like Wales, Thomas Francis, and Wales qualifying quarterback, Michael Collins.

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They are also reported to be interested in Welsh international Alex Cuthbert.

And when there is certainty about district budgets for next season, there may be more action, although negotiation is very late in the year.

Cardiff Blues: Ewan Davis (Dragons), Ethan Lewis, Ewan Rhys-Davies, Ben Warren (Ospre’s)

the Dragon: Brooke Harris, Louis Evans, Matthew Screaming (Cardiff Blues), Orwell Robson, Conor Edwards, David Howells, Rhys Lawrence, Luke Baldwin, Dion Smith, Joe Goodchild, Ed Scragg, Caroen Penny, Storm Honeycomb.

Ospreys: Gareth Evans, Sean Venter, Scott Williams, Corey Allen, Luke Price, Jordan Walters, Rhys Davies, Garen Lloyd, Rhys Thomas, Brad Roderick, Ken Wallerton, Ben Campriani.

scarlet: Jake Paul, Werner Krueger, Paul Asquith, Azir Casim, Dylan Evans, Ed Kennedy, Tom Phillips, Jack Morgan (Ospreys), Ossian Knott (Ospreys), Peter Schultz, Joe Miles, Will Homer.



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