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7 gift ideas for badminton players


So there is a badminton player in your life. It could be a girlfriend, boyfriend, son, daughter or even just a badminton friend/partner. But what do you buy a badminton player? If they are like the usual addictive player, they will have the latest branded rackets and clothing. And let’s be honest, unless you’re into badminton yourself, you have no idea what else they might need. But don’t worry, here are 7 gift ideas for badminton players.

Gift ideas for badminton players

1. crushing shuttle cargo

Everyone knows that the favorite site for badminton players is shuttlesmash.com…..at least we hope so! I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to deliver some of my goods on my platform! Now the badminton player in your life doesn’t just have to tell you how much they love badminton, they can show it to you by wearing it! I was lucky! Be sure to mention us (Tweet embed) so we can see and share our great badminton products on our social media too!

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2. Balls

Shuttle cock - a gift for badminton players

Is that a shuttle tube in your pocket or are you glad to see me? when? It’s a shuttle tube? How big are your pockets?! Just one of the conversations you’ll never have but necessary to make this joke work. You can’t go wrong with feathers as a gift for a badminton player. Yonex is generally considered the best in the business when it comes to shuttle buses. If you weren’t aware, the Yonex Aerosena range is the top line for their shuttles. Aerosina 10s It is the cheapest and least durable. AS 50s are better quality but more expensive. I would recommend choosing Aerosena 30s which is a great mid-range option suitable for almost all levels of gamers.

If you are looking for plastic shuttles, you can find this here. Most serious players play with feathers and most recreational players play with plastics as a general guide. Most recreational players won’t say no to feathers and more serious gamers won’t say yes to plastic!

3. New badminton racket

badminton player gift

Most badminton handles are very boring. They are usually plain-colored and do little to exactly what they were designed for. However, Alien Pros offer that along with a great design to personalize your racket! If you are not sure, check Check here the X-dry grip. In addition to our discount code, you get 15% off, so it’s a win/win! Whoever you buy probably hasn’t had a great grip on their putter at all, so make sure they stand out on the court!

If they are a fan some controlYou may want to check out the links below:

  • towel grip – If the badminton player in your life has a furry handle, they probably use a towel grip and change it constantly! Make sure they don’t fall short!
  • Yonex Grabs – Synthetic handles suitable for all players
  • Bangda fists A cheaper, but no less effective option!

4. sweat towel

Gift ideas for badminton players

Every time I get off the field it looks like I just took a swim. I may have to change my shirt 4-5 times per session, but a nice sweat towel is also useful for those moments during a match where I can’t wear my topless! So, if your badminton friend is anything like me, he’s in dire need of one of these! Avoid cotton though! You’ll smell something dead inside their badminton bag. Instead, opt for microfibers that absorb sweat better and dry faster too! Also, get one decent size! If they wear a skilful sweater, a little sweater will saturate quickly!

5. Pro Championship tickets

800px All England 2012 All Set Up -
7 gift ideas for badminton players 1

Well, for now, this might seem a bit off given the whole Covid situation. But many countries host FIA-sanctioned tournaments. When we’re allowed to watch the big sporting events again, consider buying single tickets! If you really want to make sure they can see all the big stars in action, consider one of the bigger tournaments like the All England Open, Malaysia Open, or Indonesia Open. If you are not a local to these countries – vacation in them! Below is a summary of the countries Hosting tournaments and tournament level.

6. Energy Gel

Enery Gels -
7 gift ideas for badminton players 2

I don’t know the rules in your local leagues, but in some matches we play top 9 rubber. So each pair can play a maximum of 9 games! That’s a lot of games! And sometimes you need that extra boost. Energy gels are great for your badminton partner who has played about 3 jumps in a row and is exhausted because they’ve spent all closure watching Netflix and eating takeaway. Yes, we all did! Well now you can be ready for the next game with a short term energy boost! I can’t guarantee you’ll play better after taking it, but at least you’ll be able to move again!

7. feather lampshade

Gift ideas for badminton players - shuttle lampshade

I won’t lie…Now that I’ve seen these, I want them. If your badminton friend is really obsessed with the sport, make his house match his personality by beautifying his house with a badminton lampshade cover! It would look great in their children’s room when they slowly push into the badminton by surrounding them with badminton equipment. In fact, I think it looks good in any room of the house! Some guests may question your decor choices, but it’s your home! And if you want a badminton lampshade, you’ll get one!

If you are in the UK – click here. The link above will take you to a lamp shade your grandmother probably owned!


And here we are, 7 gift ideas for badminton players. Now I know what you’re thinking – and what about it rackets?! Surely this is the first thing people think of. Well, I thought about that too! If the badminton player in your life loves sports, he likely has a preference for a particular type of racket. If you are not a badminton player, you have no idea who you are going to get. They may have 4 or 5 different rackets in their bag on their own, so don’t be sneaky thinking that you can buy the same racket they have. Unless they specifically tell you who they want, don’t go that route!

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