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Highlights of the first England Open Badminton Championship 2021: Chochoung beat Sindh to reach the final


Welcome to the All England Championship semi-final match between PV Sindhu and Pornpawee Chochuwong.

21-17, 21-9 Chochwong win over Sindh

9-21 Turn defense into a winner and become the ultimate Chochuwong! A leading performance from the Thai national team such as Sindh was not at its best after a difficult quarter-final yesterday.

9-20 The huge winner of Chochuwong is 11 match points.

9-19 A chance for the winner from Sindhu after Chochuwong tied to the front but she set it for a long time.

9-18 Chochuwong long beat her.

8-18 Shattering the bond is against Grid.

8-17 The bond does not fall without a fight! It puts a winner in the backyard.

7-17 Chochwong attacked again as Sindh shot it into the net.

7-16 A rare inadvertent error from Chochuwong.

6-16 Another non-forced error of the bond.

6-15 Bond hits her long this time. She looks frustrated as her campaign appears to be coming to an end.

6-14 Sindhu hits it wide when service returns.

6-13 Chochuwong returns the roar with a forehand! It does not allow return to Sindh.

6-12 Out of nowhere out of bond, shot in anger more like! A forehand whiz winner with a bit of backhand.

5-12 Sindhu with a shot from behind her head but she can’t keep it over the net.

5-11 A rare inadvertent error from Chochuwong.

4-11 Chochuwong enters the second half with another big lead! The winner with a backhand to unlock advances 7 points.

4-10 A break for Sindhu as she gets a good point in the net by pulling Chochuwong forward.

3-10 Fabulous. Sindhu continues to attack but Chochuwong remains resolute before Sindhu makes an unintentional foul.

3-9 Winner in the back area of ​​Chochuwong now.

3-8 Another dominant point of Chochuwong! Sindh has no answers to her attack.

3-7 Chochwong turned defense into attack before kissing the line with a cross forehand.

3-6 The bond hits her long.

3-5 Great projection on the net by Chochuwong.

3-4 Sindhu is on the attack now that raising Chochuwong in Grid lacks the strength to get past her.

2-4 Well judged by SIndhu as Chochuwong’s comeback goes on.

1-4 Chochuwong is moving Sindhu right now! Crushed after smashing before the bond could not keep up.

1-3 Chochuwong with a powerful smash of the weaker side of the bond!

1-2 The bond shot is long this time. Good judgment by Chochuwong.

1-1 Sindhu goes on vacation again in the backcourt but Chochuwong’s shot was good inside.

1-0 Good leave from Sindhu as Chochuwong’s shot is long.

second match

17-21 Chochwong dominates the point making Bond shove before forcing her to make a foul. Indonesia’s first match!

17-20 bond point.

16-20 Chochuwong with a drop in the network it is successful. Four points for the game.

16-19 Good defense by Sindhu but she can’t keep up. Her shot was placed wide in the backcourt. Unsuccessful review of the Indian.

16-18 Great service back from Chochuwong on the net.

16-17 Smash the winner with a forehand kick from Sindhu crying!

15-17 Another point for Sindu’s forehand smashing!

14-17 Great net winner by Sindhu pushing her shot into the backcourt.

13-17 Chochwong turns defense into attack and pushes her shot away from the bond. The Indian cannot reach its end.

13-16 Gorgeous strong winner from Chochuwong!

13-15 Good defense from both attackers in the rally before Chuchwong’s forehand shot from distance. I immediately went for a review but the call was right. Check it out.

12-15 Chochwong hits her shot in the net.

11-15 Chochwong puts a forehand on the cross court on the line and Sindu while retrieving it cannot keep it in play.

11-14 A forehand point from Sindhu’s cross as she puts her shot away from Chochuwong’s powerful hand.

10-14 An involuntary foul by Chochwong when she hit her forehand into the net.

9-14 Chochuwong went for the win with a forehand but cut it off the line. Good defense of the bond.

8-14 A point for Sindu after hitting a forehand into the net, forcing Chochwong to take a long shot in defense

7-14 From where I do not know! A forehand cross-kick winner from the backcourt of the Thai.

7-13 Sindh ends a 7-point swing after Chochuwong’s foul in the net.

6-13 Chochuwong with another forehand winner across the field!

6-12 Fantastic walk! Great defense from Chochuwong to position herself to win a forehand! There is no chance of a bond.

6-11 Chuchwong took the second half by five points.

6-10 Chochwong is now returning the favour, with a forehand winner on the court.

6-9 A good mix of shots from Sindhu before a forehand hit across the field near the net.

5-9 Raising the bond on the net is not strong.

5-8 Once again Chochuwong shot on the line in the back area.

5-7 Chochuwong’s shot on the goal line in the backcourt. The bond thinks it’s long and lets it go.

5-6 Chochuwong goes for the crane on the net but he cannot pass it over the net.

4-6 Sindhu’s shot is wide and check out in the process.

4-5 A great cross shot from the net by Chochwong that Sindou can’t reach.

4-4 Chochuwong with a point in the back area. Error in judgment of the bond again.

3-4 Chochuwong hits it for a long time this time which is a point for Sindhu.

3-3 Error in judgment from Sindhu as she let Chochuwong’s shot go. The racket falls on the line in the backcourt.

3-2 Point to Chochuwong after the review. Chochuong’s shot is at stake.

3-1 Sindhu’s powerful forehand hits Chochuwong’s strong hand but she can’t get it back.

2-1 The winner is a forehand for Sendo on the backcourt.

1-1 Sindhu went to drop into the net and Chochuwong failed to lift her above the net.

0-1 Chochuwong’s first point after Sindhu hit her long at the end of a short walk.


first match

5.23 m: Warm-ups are carried out using …

5.20 m: Sindhu and Chochuwong make their way to the plaza.

In their last meeting, Sindh defeated Chuchwong 21-18, 21-15 in the World Tour Finals in January. We are minutes from the start of the match.

The match will start at 4.50 pm. The match has now been pushed back to its 5.10pm kick-off time.

Sindhu to semis road:

BT. Sonia Shih 21-11, 21-17

BT. Kristofferson Line 21-8, 21-8

By Akane Yamaguchi 16-21, 21-16, 21-19


PV Sindhu India got back on track with a thrilling victory over Japan’s Akane Yamaguchi in a thrilling All England Women’s Singles Quarterfinals competition.

Sindh, the fifth seed, made a notable comeback after losing the opening match to claim a 16-21, 21-16, 21-19 victory over Yamaguchi in a 1 hour 16 minute contest. This will be Sind’s second appearance in the All England semi-finals.

“I am playing against her after a long time, I think 2019. We did not play at all. I am sure she would have been training hard. Today’s match was good and difficult in the long run,” Sendo said.

“In the first game I was making a lot of mistakes and hitting them because I was on the side that had a stronger drift. The second game was in my favour. Lots of long rallies. It was important to get that second game.

“In the third match, it was very decisive. My coach was very supportive, and he was making sure I controlled the shuttle well. Every point was very important. Overall, it was anyone’s match but I am happy to be on the winning side.”

The Indian enjoys an overwhelming 4-1 lead against world number 11, Bornbawi Chuchwong of Thailand.



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