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Rivals Rating Week: ATH Rankings Update for 2022



Program with first degree: Florida


Height Prediction: My Starks Angel

Big Starks

Big Starks (Rivals.com)

Big Starks He impressed in many off-season events and jumped to the 60th player overall in the country, regardless of position. Jefferson (Georgia)’s high distinction is a Georgia Commitment, and at 6-foot-2 and just under 200 pounds, as a draft as either a defensive linebacker, linebacker or even a receiver in the SEC. Bulldog outnumbered Clemson And the Alabama For the four-star athlete who does it all.

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Expected to watch: Brennen Thompson

Brennen Thompson

Brennen Thompson (PanhandleIllustrated.com)

Texas Speedster Brennen Thompson Keep posting electric track times this spring and he’ll start coming out to college campuses this summer as he heads toward a decision. Clemson He’s had momentum since quarterback Kid Clubnikcommitment. so he did TexasAnd the Texas A&MAnd the Alabama And the Oklahoma In various stages of his enlistment, Longhorns’ confidence is on the rise right now.


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