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Tiger Woods says ball in ‘cheating’ dispute at Brandel Chamblee Golf Channel [VIDEO] : Golf: News of the world of sport


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Tiger Woods says he’s ready to move onAnd now it’s up to the golf channel, and what will result from the controversy that began recently after analyst Brandel Chambley called the world’s highest-rated golfer a “cheater”.

Speaking publicly about the incident for the first time on Sunday, Woods told ESPN, “All I’m going to say is I know I’m going to go ahead…I don’t know what the Golf Channel is going to do. The whole affair was so frustrating, because he didn’t really apologize and reignite the whole situation.” .

Chamblee recently wrote to Golf Channel.com that he gave Woods an “F” for his fifth win due to a series of rule violations. He later added that “Woods was a bit smug about the rules” and drew an analogy to the time his fourth-grade teacher crossed out “100” and gave him an “F” for cheating on a math test. Chamblee tweeted last week that the cheating comparison crossed the line, and Woods apologized for “this inflammatory rhetoric.”

Woods told ESPN before his exhibition match with Rory McRoy In Mission Hills. “But then, I don’t know what Golf Channel is going to do or not. But it’s up to them. The whole affair was very disappointing, because he didn’t really apologize and reignited the whole situation.

Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg, was so outraged by the column that issued a statement to ESPN.com that raised the possibility of legal action.

Woods accepted a penalty kick in Abu Dhabi to take a break from a ball stuck in a sandy area covered with vegetation. During The Masters at Augusta National, he also took a two-shot penalty for a foul in the second round. The PGA Tour awarded him a penalty kick after his second round of the BMW Championship when video evidence showed his ball moved slightly from behind the first green. Even after watching the video, Woods insisted that his ball just swing.


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