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Triple H addresses criticism of “abused” NXT talent


Earlier today, Triple H sat down for a media call to promote Sunday’s NXT TakeOver: In Your House. During the call, Triple H addressed fans’ criticism that NXT talent was “abused” on other brands.

Asked why several former members of the NXT list have not been outburst stars on Raw and Smackdown, Triple H told the media:

“Yes, so you were looking at it is ‘abused’. Another way of looking at it is, ‘Things don’t always go out.’ Look, there are players who play in the NFL, there are players who play in college football, and people can not wait for them to come to the NFL. They’re coming to the NFL and it’s not working. It’s not going out. And you could say ‘Well, the team abused them or mismanaged them, or the coach of the team they played for didn’t put them in the right roles or did anything,’ but there could be a million reasons, you know? It could also be that talent sometimes does not fit into that particular place, or talent came to a particular place and then thought ‘Ah, I managed it’ and that was the end of their growth curve. Sometimes it just does not work. There are many factors. ”

A few members of the NXT list, who have repeatedly mastered Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano, have apparently found a home in the NXT. A media member asked about talent that remained on the brand, and Triple H explained:

“As NXT has grown, one of the things that has changed about it. There’s a question there when you say, ‘So what is NXT? Is it strictly a developmental development where you are looking for everyone there to eventually move on? Or is it its own brand? ‘Is it its own organization, its own grouping? It’s going to be an interesting place for, kind of criticism – you know, a year or two about, three years about, four years before, it was a heavy bank on NXT … for me doing interviews at the time was what it always said , ‘How can I get into this brand? When I get excited about a talent, do they move on? ‘It kills me for the brand and I do not like it,’ and it was a harsh critique. It was the first three, four years, and then it went into another place where people got used to it and it changed. The brand changed again and it changed to a place where yes, there will be some talent that will be in a position for a long time. They may not fit in different places. They may not want to go to different places. There are some talents who do not want to leave and expand beyond what they do not want. Maybe the schedule doesn’t work for the physical, whatever it is. So there are many options there. ”

(H / T and transcribed by 411Mania)


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