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West Indies vs South Africa 2021



The fast bowler hopes to get more chances with the stitch-friendly ball after the five-wicket distance

Lungi Najidi He hopes to have more chances to get around with the Dukes Ball after it helped him win a Test Five for the second time in St. Lucia. Ngidi, who had a 6 for 39 against India on his January 2018 debut, rated the Dukes ball as more suitable for stitching than the Kookaburra, used in South Africa, or Indian SG, because of the way it behaves.

“I prefer the Dukes’ ball,” Njedi said after the first day’s match. “The Kookaburra ball tends to get a little soft and once it gets soft it doesn’t really swing and you try to find the reverse swing. SG gets cheated really fast and really hard to keep. But Dukes considers the ball a really test of skill. Once you can get Putting the wrist in the right shape and focusing on your area, you can be very successful with this ball. Having thrown it now, I hope to use it for many years.”

Ngidi has never used a Dukes ball in a Test match before, having not played any Tests in England or in the Caribbean prior to this round. He got to it while training in South Africa and said the coaching group was “trying everything to control that ball”, and he showed the results of their perseverance in two sessions on day one.

South Africa rejected the West Indies for 97, against the second total under 100 since 2004, through a combination of aggression and discipline that Njedi explained could be hard to get right in favorable conditions. “You can drift away, especially when you’re swinging and swinging like that,” he said.

In the morning session, South Africa wasn’t too excited by the circumstances. While Kagiso Rabada and Ngidi kept the brakes on the West Indies, Enrich Norte Rip through to the top ranking. “The definition of my role was very clear – it was making sure I keep one end calm. We have some really fast bowlers and a lot of batsmen were struggling with them, so I didn’t give them anything that was part of the plan,” Ngidi said.



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