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10 things clubs can do to encourage more young golfers


Young golfers are the next generation of the game, so it’s important that your club welcomes them the right way…

10 things clubs can do to encourage more young golfers

Dress code, being fair in competitions and creating leaders, clubs must see young players as one of their greatest opportunities for success as a business.

Here are 10 things golf clubs can do to encourage young golfers.

Attractive to young people and your customer base will grow

Families are a gateway to the club’s client community.

Parents, their friends and schools: these are the fast-paced communication hubs that are here and now.

Clubs should reconsider how they reach all of these people and set clear new goals for marketing, including everything related to social media.

Rethink how a good beginner’s program will affect revenue, when you add parents who support their children for an entire year.

Consideration should also include that family players who pay more may not want membership at all, just pay and play. How will you make them happy?

Research by Sports Marketing Surveys found that the Ultimate Junior facility “needs to provide a safe and positive environment, diversity, opportunity, progression, integration, encouragement/support, affordability, and fun for all.”

A good path to follow.

Make sure your club offers the warmest welcome

The golf club lane is intimidating for new juniors.

The eerie silence upon opening the front door can be surreal, as can the lonely silence from the mixed bar upstairs. So don’t be “this club”.

Put your heart, soul and imagination into the best possible welcome.

Prepare to be a fully inclusive and tolerant club that truly reflects the community around you and welcomes everyone.

I remember driving around and seeing the club sign saying: “Non-members welcome here, free coffee + bacon roll today. Come and say hello to our team.”

I answered the call, and the coffee was good!

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Clear communication is invaluable

Cut the division, unite.

clear communication From the beginning Relax all the little ones And the grown ups.

You can have a simple written policy, but it should be crystal clear with all adult members: Avoid embarrassing misunderstandings.

Introduce a buddy system where older beginners can take care of the newcomer.

Kids will make a lot of mistakes, it’s our job as adults helps them, and not stumble upon them with Rule 22b!

Details are everything

Try to offer something special in membership, through flexibility (the academy systems can help here), added value, links with the pro store, or discounted lessons.

When subscriptions are paid, a “bag of goodies” with golf balls, markers, hats or other accessories can truly be appreciated by the little ones. Everything matters at this age.

As a child, I remember the tough-looking Captain Catlow, who I knew was a POW at Colditz, suddenly handing me a few golf balls with a smile on the putting green. Felt ten feet tall!

Youngsters are the next generation of the game, so it’s important that they feel welcome in golf clubs

The game needs more players

It is in everyone’s interest to develop the game for girls.

Girls Golf Rocks It attracts many newcomers, while “retention” is an important area of ​​current thinking.

Stacy Mitchell of the Golf Foundation has created two documents to help clubs: “How to Keep Girls Loving Golf” and “8 Principles for Success” Both are here.

Comfortable dress…

Hoodies don’t really belong in Room 101, do they?

Clean trainers can look “prettier” than trainer shoes.

Whatever you see the rules, the secret is not to make it a “us” and “them” issue.

Give the little ones a voice in the process.

I know at least one county has introduced hoodies into their training apparel, and we’re seeing a lot of girls playing in leggings now, after The Jazzy Golfer.

After a year of wearing all the masks, surely it’s time to relax a bit and enjoy golf?

Good volunteers work with good PGA coaches

PGA Professional and their team can enjoy a special place with kids.

Good PGA trainers often create good volunteers of all ages and this combined effort can work wonders.

PGA professionals are at the heart of national philanthropy Golf FoundationIts HSBC Golf Roots program aims to reach 7,500 schools and two million students over the next five years.

All of this helps create closer links with the communities around us.

Technology shots and fresh air

Many PGA professionals are adopting technology in their training, using the help of TrackMan, simulators, etc., and this can be a big draw for youngsters.

PGA coach Dan Lenz believes that after the Covid year, families also don’t need an excuse to embrace all the physical and mental health benefits of being outdoors.

This combination of technology and healthy outdoor spaces seems like a great opportunity to attract the next generation.

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Investing in the future

A PGA professional told us the importance she places on local scholarships but also invests training time for those willing to work, taking them as far as possible, whether in PGA training or elite level golf.

This industry now has many paths in the mix of wonderful professions.

These conversations can really help your youngsters and gradually bring young leaders into being ambassadors for your club.

Fun, fun and fun after a tough year

Fair access to competitions is vital.

Don’t be the club that snatches the cup from the youth’s hands because of the entry error.

Work on a roster from an Easter egg laying competition, a barbecue hideaway challenge, mixed companies, and team events like the GolfSixes League, a local open championship, all the way to the best-fit medal for the older juniors.

In recent research, 71% of young adults liked the idea of ​​competing with or against parents “a lot”!

So bring the family together and make this summer a fun filled game that can change the way we think about junior golf.


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