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2012 was incredible, but 2021 feels like the start of something amazing rather than the end – Talk Chelsea


I remember 2012 so vividly that I never in a million years even had the slightest conviction that we would win the Champions League that season, even when we got the final.

We were massive underdogs through this competition and Bayern Munich was a world class team. I did not think we even had a chance externally.

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Our Chelsea team had some top players in, but this was a group of players who came at the end of a successful period, players at the last ends of their careers, and even though your Frank Lampards and Ashley Coles were in this team and still world-class players, their very best days had passed and the rest of the team felt thrown together. It felt like it was the end of an era at Chelsea that season, rather than the start of something exciting.

We had changed manager halfway through the season, just like we did this season, and Roberto Di Matteo pulled out the impossible as interim manager.

This season, Thomas Tuchel triggered a contract extension by winning the competition, and the team he has inherited is young, fresh and ambitious. Many of the players are not yet tops and are still growing and getting better. Winning the Champions League this season feels like the start of something amazing, rather than the end of it like in 2012.

This team, nurtured by a great manager in Tuchel, has the feeling of a team that will grow in confidence now after winning this, grow a stronger mentality and get even better off the field.

Tuchel will be backed up in the transfer market this summer and you feel he will pick up 2 or 3 elite level players to improve this team even more and began a new and exciting chapter for Chelsea Football Club, a new project that will be up there challenging for league titles again.

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