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380 athletes get their first jab at Canterava Stadium | More sports news


BENGALURU: Hundreds of athletes, including Olympians Anup Sridhar (badminton) and Prakash Nangapa (shooting), have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in Bengaluru. Sree Kanteerava The stadium is here Thursday during a special campaign organized by the state government.
more than 300 athletes, who are over 18 years old, got their first dose on Thursday. An equally large number will be vaccinated on Friday.
Among those who attended on the first day Priya Mohan (Athletics), Shriya B (Rowing), Nishitha D (Rowing), Nikhil (Shooting) and Bhoomika R Kesarkar (Swimming).
“I was waiting for the lockdown to end to get my vaccination. That’s when I was informed of this flight. The camp was well organized and they made sure there was no crowding. By the time we got out we saw a few hundred waiting after receiving the first dose,” said Nangapa, a former World Cup shooting medalist. From coffeeshield.
The campaign has been extended for one day
DYES sources said: “We vaccinated 380 people today. We invited only 500 but some could not attend because they were not in Bengaluru.”
“We will invite more people tomorrow so that we can vaccinate more than a thousand people over the next two days,” the sources said, noting that the camp would be extended for one day. “We are still receiving a lot of requests, so we will continue camp on Saturday as well,” he added.
With most of the slots filled in the first two days already, many of the state’s footballers are hoping to get their first shot on Saturday. “We have contacted DYES officials and they said that the football players who were absent from action on June 10 and 11 hope to get their first dose on Saturday. We are asking football players over 18 and under 45, who represented the state, to contact them M. Satyanarayan, secretary of the South Korean Federation, told TOI.
The camp was opened by Sports Minister KC Narayan Goda. BBMP authorized Gaurav Gupta He was also present.



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