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All England Championship: Indonesian team forced to withdraw, Gideon blasted BWF جد


The Indonesian badminton team was forced to withdraw from the ongoing All England Championship after an unnamed passenger on his flight to London tested positive for COVID-19. According to the world governing body (BWF), all players and officials have been forced to self-isolate for 10 days.

“A number of players and team members from the Indonesian team have been contacted by the British Government’s National Health Service (NHS) Testing and Tracking Service, and they are required to self-isolate with immediate effect,” the federation said in a statement.

“As per UK government requirements, the entire team will self-isolate for a period of 10 days from the date of the return flight after a person traveling on board has tested positive for COVID-19.”

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The world organization said that the results of the matches that have already been held will remain in place and “the lottery will remain unchanged”.

“All competitors scheduled for the next round will have a chance,” the BWF said.

The withdrawal of the Indonesian players will exhaust the stadium, which was already affected after the Chinese, Korean and Chinese players from Taipei decided not to compete in the Super 1000 event.

Indonesia’s Anthony Sinisuka Genting and Jonathan Christie finished fourth and fifth, respectively, in the men’s singles.

In the men’s doubles, world number one Marcos Fernaldi Gideon, Kevin Sanjaya Sucamuljo and number two Muhammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan finished first and second, respectively, while world number seven Fajar Alfian and Muhammad Rhian Ardianto were ranked fifth.

In the mixed doubles, Praveen Jordan and Melati Daiva Octaviante were in the lead, while Grecia Polly and Abriani Rahayu were third in the women’s doubles.

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“Tonight we are shocked to hear the news that we (Indonesian players and officials) must withdraw from all over England due to an unknown passenger + testing for coronavirus who boarded the same flight as we did,” Gideon wrote on Instagram.

Gideon criticized the BWF for mismanagement.

“We must note that BWF failed to organize this matter. Prior to the flight, every Indonesia team had been tested negative and we had also been retested by the time we got to the hotel,” he said.

“Some of you might notice that today’s match was delayed by 7 positive cases they found in other team members (other country). After retesting, the result was all negative. So why don’t we also have the same justice here?” he asked.

The All England Championship was thrown into chaos after a few players, including from India, tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and some results were inconclusive.

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The BWF quickly postponed the start of the opening day play and retested all positive and inconclusive results after “sufficient doubts were raised about the accuracy of the original test kits supplied by Badminton England.”

With all positive and inconclusive results that came back negative for COVID-19, the world body has decided to include all players in the draw.

Gideon, who along with Socamolgo, have reached three finals in the past four years here, said the BWF must have a bio-bubble to ensure the players’ safety.

He wrote: “If there are strict rules for entering the British Territory due to the coronavirus, the BWF should have a bubble system that ensures our safety. Players should have been quarantined before the event.”

“To be fair, the person who was tested + should have another test because we don’t believe anymore in their covid test because as you all can see all 7 positive cases can turn into 7 negative in just one day.”



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