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Bash at the Beach will follow SummerSlam 2021


Rumor has it that there will be an NXT TakeOver pay-per-view the day after SummerSlam 2021 (i.e. Sunday, August 22). It has not yet been confirmed, nor has there been any announcement about the name, but a subtitle is the perfect choice: Bash at the Beach.

It is so simple that there is no other better option. Nothing else works as well and on as many levels as NXT TakeOver: Bash at the Beach.

The name just fits

SummerSlam is the biggest party this summer. What’s another word for party? Bash.

Obviously, going to the beach is a summer activity, and that imagery evokes the warm and fun atmosphere that WWE goes after with this event.

What else should you call it? NXT TakeOver 36? It’s so lame in comparison!

It’s too early for Fall Brawl, as some people will be sorry not to be combined with WarGames. I am with, Fall Brawl should return as a separate entity, but it was just supposed to be a special episode of something rather than an event, and it was supposed to take place in September to make room for Halloween Havoc. It’s a story for another day.

It can not be The Great American Bash. It should happen around July 4th.

Sure, you can use some other stuff like Slamboree or Fully Loaded, or just make something new, but why bother when you have the perfect answer waiting for you?

The only other answer I accept is if this takes place in Las Vegas and they have a kind of casino vibe and name.

The meeting place

We know NXT TakeOver is not going to be at Allegiant Stadium. If it were available, SummerSlam would have just been on Sunday and we would not have this discussion. Plus, the black and gold brand will not sell the big place.

The arena in which it takes place must be taken into account. There are probably a dozen smaller sites that would welcome NXT TakeOver to that weekend and could fit the bill. I would be pretty sure they would go with something like T-Mobile Arena.

But what if WWE could do something more fun and actually keep it outside on some kind of beach? Mandalay Bay Beach has concerts and is e.g. Just around the Allegiant Stadium.

It would not be groundbreaking as it has been done before, but it would be unique and something to refresh things on. Plus, it would be safer with COVID for people to be outside in a more ventilated area.

You can even factor the pot into some kind of gimmick match!

Copyright and trademarks

AEW kept their own Bash on the beach as the rights to the name were in limbo. WWE managed to get it back, but they actually have to do something about it or risk creating more headaches for themselves.

I highly doubt we will see it being used as a pay-per-view list. NXT fits better with that and has taken back some of those old names so it works more naturally as TakeOver.

Then you do not have to worry about copyright evaporating in the same sense. You have proven that you intend to use it and it can make it easier to defend if future errors occur.

Sitting on it and not using it at all means that anyone looking for Bash at the Beach comes up with the latest example which is the competing company. WWE needs to make their own so it can overtake the place.

Want to see this NXT TakeOver special called Bash at the Beach? Why or why not? Keep the discussion going by leaving a comment below!


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