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Bob Baffert, Medina Spirit Owner Gets Deadline in Kentucky Derby Case


FRANKFURT, Kentucky – Franklin County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate has provided attorneys for Medina Spirit Communications and Kentucky Horse Racing Commission Until Wednesday To resolve their differences regarding the conduct of an additional urine sample test for the Kentucky Derby winner.

Lawyers representing coach Bob Baffert and owner Amr Zeidan have requested an injunction allowing the frozen sample to be sent to the entire New York lab. KHRC objected to the delivery of the entire sample—estimated at 25 to 27 milliliters—and offered to provide 2 milliliters for additional testing.

Wingate said he was inclined to allow KHRC to keep a portion of the sample, and indicated that he would issue an order to that effect if the parties had not reached a decision by Wednesday.

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“This is an issue of very great importance to the state of Kentucky,” Wingate said. “If you care about anything about horse racing in the state, I think it’s a very important thing.”

Coach Bob Baffert drives Medina Spirit to his stall in the morning after his seventh Kentucky Derby win with the horse.  One week later, Medina Spirit was announced to test positive for an abundance of post-race anti-inflammatory drugs.

Baffert and Zedan’s lawyers are trying to pretend The betamethasone detected in Spirit’s blood sample was the result of a topical ointment, not an injection. They contend that such a distinction could “completely exonerate” Baffert, and they believe additional tests could prove the source of the betamethasone.

Kentucky regulations do not discriminate as to the source of the material. According to his pharmacological definitions, “a positive result means that the commission laboratory has performed the tests and has determined that a drug, drug or substance, the use of which is restricted or prohibited…was present in the sample.”


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