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Boston Celtics Daily Links 6/9/21


Marcus Smart vs Nets 5/30/21 | Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

All Celtics news you need in one convenient place.

Globe There are better candidates than Jason Kidd to be the next Celtics coach

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Trading Celtics for Damian Lillard

The Celtics are reportedly interested in Nets assistant Mike D’Antoni as head coach

Shake Milton comes to the rescue of the Sixers in Game 2

There is one candidate the Celtics should definitely not appoint as head coach: Jason Kidd

Celtics Another business idea: Kemba Walker for Kristaps Porzingis

Scattered thoughts about the Boston Celtics offseason

CelticsPod talks about Kemba Walker deals

Key off-season dates for the NBA and Boston Celtics

Celtics. com Top 10 moments of the 2020-21 season

NBC Sports Boston 2021 NBA Mock Draft: First Round, Pick Predictions for All 30 Teams

Celtics coach rumors: A look at Lloyd Pierce, David Visdel

NESN Here’s who Cedric Maxwell wants to be the next Celtics coach

Two decades of Boston athletic dominance illustrated by this crazy statحصاء

Kara Lawson talks about speculation about the Celtics coach nomination

NBA rumors: Celtics assistant coach receives offer from opposing team

Celtics and Kemba Walker are said to want to break up for this season

CBS Boston The Celtics are reportedly interested in speaking to Mike D’Antoni about the head-training job vacancy

Celtics wire Celtics 2020-21 Single Player Score: Tremont Waters

Zarin expected to expand the scope of responsibility, provide guidance to Stevens

Grosbeek talks about Stevens being promoted to captain from coach

WATCH: What kind of coach would Brad Stevens and the Celtics hire?

Report: Celtics among teams interested in helping Nets Dantoniتون

Celtics History: Parish, McHale’s pick traded; bird, phrasal verb

Celtics Lab 49: A look back at 2020-21, a glimpse into the future of Celtics

High School Basketball Highlights for Celtics President Brad Stevens

CS Assistant Allen interviews Pistons for ‘similar position’

the athlete Romeo Langford and Aaron Nesmith could be an important part of the Celtics’ future with proper off-season development.

Live Mass What can Celtics do with Gordon Hayward’s commercial exception before the rest of the exceptions expire in August?

The Celtics can take some solace after crushing the Nets Bucks in Game 2, but rebuilding the roster is still necessary

Seeking Celtics Training: Mike D’Antoni Draws Interest in Boston, Portland and Orlando

Celtics bet best in the trade for Kristaps Porzingis Other odds for Damian Lillard Bradley Beal

Celtics Summer League roster predictions: Who can line up with Boston as the competition returns to Las Vegas in August?

Houdini hard wood Boston Celtics: 3 Mutually Beneficial Business Deals at Kemba Walker

Boston Celtics: Damian Lillard’s Final 3-Team Movie

Boston Celtics: 3 players who will not be in Boston next season

Boston Celtics: Damian Lillard traded to Cs in B/R’s latest piece.

Boston Sports Magazine Carales: Aaron Nesmith and Romeo Langford could be Boston’s top players next season

Chowder and champs Boston Celtics rumors: Josie Damian Lillard commercial talk to make off-season hype

Boston Celtics rumors: Christapps Porzingis trades interesting and crazy

Ovarian Report NBA rumors: Nets’ Mike D’Antoni draws attention from Celtics, Blazers, Magic

Trade packages to fix NBA losers

985 Sports Axle Report: Celtics among teams pursuing Nets assistant coach Mike D’Antoni

Texas news today How did the Celtics and Lakers become so dominant in the NBA Finals series?

rumors hoops Shootaround Society: Team USA’s Olympic roster

Fox Sports Why the Clippers Jazz winner (not the Nets) would win the NBA title

sports broadcasting Boston Celtics ‘well positioned’ to land Damien Lillard, but is it worth it?

latin times NBA Rumors: Three possible relegation points for Damian Lillard this off season

Sportsnout The New York Knicks preferred to withdraw Damian Lillard’s trade with the Portland Trail Blazers

and weave Colin Cord has a proposal for the Boston Celtics

985 Sports Axle NBA officials upset with Stevens’ promotion

NBA Analysis NBA Rumors: The best deal the Bulls could offer to the Celtics for Kimba Walker


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