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Boys’ Volleyball Semi-Final Preview, 2021


Friday, June 11, 4:30 p.m.

The last time they were here

old bridge: 2019 (Won the state championship)

St Peter’s High School: 2011 (lost in the semi-finals)

How did they get here

It was a legendary opening between Old Bridge and the Christian Brothers in the Central Jersey final. A total of 70 points were placed on the board before the Knights took the score 36-34 and eventually moved on to a 25-18 win in the second set. It was a whole team effort. Pavlo Chernyshof had eight kills on the team while Brian Snook and Aaron Lablaca together had 11 more kills.

I need St. Peter’s Prep also led to some extra time to punch a ticket to the quarterfinals for the first time since 2011. A 26-24 win over Kearny in the opening set boosted the team and they needed another point to win the second set 27-25. Joseph Barris and Aidan Abito tied with eight kills each in the win. Ryan Carbonczak, Jake Landsbergis, and Pius Mwemba all met for 15 more deaths.

players to watch

old bridge

Pavlo Chernyshov: 81 dead

Zach Cuisiner: 61 kills, 42 blocks

Rob Obdyke: 226 holes, 22 assists, 24 aces

Nick Sean: 508 assists, 23 kills, 19 blocks, 18 aces

Aaron Lablaka: 78 killed, 21 blocks

Blake Crab: 142 kills, 28 aces, 15 blocks

Brian Snook: 179 kills, 19 crushes, 15 blocks

St Peter’s High School

Aidan Abito: 190 kills, 23 aces, 12 blocks

Timothy Jimenez: 417 assists, 35 kills, 35 blocks, 34 aces

Bios Mwemba: 60 kills, 27 blocks

Ryan Carbonczak: 69 killed, 29 blocks

Andrew Fernandez: 174 holes, 14 assists

Joseph Barris: 48 kills, 128 digs

Jake Landsbergis: 50 kills, 13 blocks

inside the match

This is an example of the old guard against a new challenge.

Old Bridge is a state champion twice and shows all signs of being able to accumulate three peats.

The Knights had their share of setbacks this season with a loss to the Southern and Christian Brothers. They’ve already avenged one of those losses and are hoping for another shot at the rams in a possible final event.

Old Bridge is not a team that got this far because of a specific player. Certainly Brian Snook and Blake Krapf are the leaders in terms of kills, but if they are taken out of the equation, that leaves other players like Pavlo Chernyshov, Zach Cuisinier and Aaron LaPlaca open to doing what they do best. This trio can cause just as much damage as Snook and Krapf.

Nick Sean does a very good job of keeping opposing defenses honest with his ability to get the ball rolling in any situation.

The Knights did a great job of outsmarting their opponents. They have won the first set in 17 of their last 19 matches and only lost once when they did.

Meanwhile, St Peter’s Prep was just one win away from being in the position in 2019 but eventually fell to Ridge.

They got the job done this year after knocking out Kearney for the second time in the final.

The Thieves may have lost seven matches but that’s what comes with a tough schedule. Their non-conference schedule features matches against West Milford and Hillsboro (twice), St. Joseph (dead.) and the Christian Brothers.

This difficult schedule could yield some profits at this point, as St. Peter’s Prep eight times in a row enters this mile.

The crime passed through Aidan Abito and his death of 190 is no accident. Ryan Carbonczak, Jake Landsbergis, Pius Muemba and Joseph Barris give the team plenty of depth in all of their maneuvers.

St.’s defense must be Peter’s Prep at its best with firepower on the other side of the grid. Andrew Fernandez and Timothy Jimenez will be key to getting the ball off the ground to start the attack. JimĂ©nez, Karponiczak and Muyimba will also need to put in time barriers to the net.

Friday, June 11, 5:00 p.m.

The last time they were here

the South: 2019 (lost in the semi-finals)

fair grass: 2019 (lost in the final)

Previous history face to face

5/1 – W, South 20-25, 25-23, 25-22

5/1 – W, South 25-19, 25-18

How did they get here

South rolled across a South Jersey field on the way to another section address. The Rams knocked down the Jackson Memorial 25-11, 25-20 in the Sectional Final on Wednesday. Tommy Deakin led the attack with nine fatalities. Keith Geranick, Lucas Kane, Dylan Lockwood, and CJ Schmidt combined for 15 more kills and Lockwood also had 20 assists.

Fair Lawn needed to regain momentum in the North 1 final after losing the second set to West Milford. They were able to flip the switch and go in the 8-2 round to tip the match and seal 25-20, 18-25, and 25-18. Roy Shalom and Itay Akkad had 11 kills each while Jill Zendorf had 30 assists.

players to watch

the South

Tommy Deakin: 286 kills, 29 aces

Ethan’s chest: 260 pits, 28 anchors

Lucas Kane: 152 kills, 13 aces

Dylan Lockwood: 497 assists, 25 pieces, 14 aces

CJ Schmidt: 67 kills, 24 blocks

fair grass

Itay Akkad: 244 kills, 28 blocks, 13 aces

Roy Shalom: 149 kills, 33 aces

Jill Zendorf: 588 assists, 66 kills, 20 blocks, 43 aces

Adwait Ganguly: 98 kills, 40 blocks

Dan Choi: 86 kills, 36 blocks

inside the match

This is a rematch of the 2019 state semifinals, which Fair Lawn won 20-25, 25-16, 25-20.

Both teams look significantly different from this team.

The Rams support their top ranking in the state, and their 16-game winning streak is proof of that. They have lost only four sets since their loss to the Christian Brothers on May 10.

If you want to give yourself a chance to beat Southern, you have to find Tommy Deakyne’s answer. The bigger the game, the bigger he plays. He had a total of 43 kills in his last two Shore Conference games and 21 in his last two split games. The oldest combined to kill 25 times in the previous two games against Fair Lawn this season.

Lucas Kean fills in perfectly as Dylan Lockwood’s second choice. He averages 2.3 kills per set, but he’s taken as many as 11 kills in a match already this season. CJ Schmidt, Dylan Bates, Jay Solva, Matthew Rekuc and Keith Jeranek have all been killed at least 30 times.

Only three times the South lost the first set of the match. They used to play up front but they’re still 2-1 in those matches.

Fair Lawn needed to replace nearly everyone on its 2019 squad except for Jill Zyndorf.

The team struggled with its growing pains earlier in the season against some tough opponents, but it finally looked like a Fair Lawn that has entered the season with eight divisional titles in the past nine seasons.

Zyndorf does a little bit of everything for this team and has one of the most accurate stats lines in the state. He is the main hitting player who can also put the ball down, block and score from the serve line.

Itai Akkad thrived in his first few months as an outside hitter after moving out of the middle. He’s been incredibly hot with 71 kills in the last six matches to cut 10 blocks. Roy Shalom, Dan Choi and Adwit Ganguly provide a wealth of offensive depth.

One of the biggest pluses was before winning the title on Wednesday, Fair Lawn was 0-3 in matches as they lost the second set after winning the first. The incisors finally got over this hump.

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