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Buffalo Billing’s Laysan McCoy denies allegations of domestic abuse and drug use: NFL: Sports World News


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Agile running back LeSean “Shady” McCoy allegedly hit his girlfriend, son, and dog, according to an Instagram post on Tuesday.

An Instagram user who was rumored to be friends with McCoy’s girlfriend, Delicia Cordon, posted a photo online showing a woman with multiple bruises and injuries. According to an Instagram user identified only as Mia, McCoy was constantly hitting his son just for peeing on the bed.

Reports indicate that McCoy and Cordon have not been doing well lately. The NFL star once went to court to obtain a judge’s order forcing Cordon to move out of a McCoy-owned home in Alpharetta, Georgia.

“I can’t believe you did this to my best friend!!!!! Your karma is going to be so real!!!!!! The world needs to know what kind of animal you really are!!!!!! This was only yesterday on the left and now this This morning she is on the right!!!! Instagram user explained.

In addition, the Instagram user also said that McCoy beat his dog until it resulted in kidney failure. Mia McCoy has also been accused of drug abuse, particularly with the use of steroids and illegal needles. The image was later deleted.

Sources say EMTs were sent to a house near Cordon’s address, but no details about the situation have been revealed. According to a police statement, an adult victim was undergoing treatment at North Fulton Regional Hospital after a home was broken into at a home in Hickory Pass, near the Cherokee County line. The report added that a second victim sustained minor injuries during the accident.

McCoy denies the allegations

The 29-year-old McCoy was quick to respond to the post, quote The allegations against him are totally baseless, offensive, and completely false. The University of Pittsburgh producer added that he had not communicated directly with the people involved in months. The Buffalo Bills said in a statement that they have already spoken to McCoy about the incident and have also been in contact with the league.

This was not the first time المرة iron To be on the hot seat as a woman sued the Bills star in 2013. The woman accused McCoy of assaulting her before kicking her off a party bus in New Jersey. However, the likely cause was not found anywhere according to McCoy’s attorney.

McCoy, who played for Philadelphia Eagles The Bills in his career, will enter his tenth NFL season. He had a great year last season with a 1,138-yard dash and six touchdowns.

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