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BUY BEFORE THEY RUN – Nico Elvedi, towering centre-back in Switzerland


Tournaments such as the Euro Championship or its big brother, the World Cup, are opportunities for players to showcase their talents to a wider audience and attract the attention of clubs, scouts or millions of fans.

The teams going into the final will have seven matches, and while it may only be seven matches, that’s enough for those with a desire to showcase themselves and get a special move in the summer, which is likely to change. their lives completely.

we are in football, we are Here to tell you about those players that teams should “buy before they thrive”. These are the players who are preparing to part with the sparkling performances in the Euro, which will surely push their rating to the highest levels. One of these players is nico ransom.

Which is vedic nico?

Nico Elvede is a 24-year-old Swiss defender who plays for the team Borussia Monchengladbach in German Bundesliga. Born in Zurich, he started in Zurich at the age of 10 and remained in the youth system until his debut in the 2014-15 season, against FC Laussane-Sport in the Swiss Super League.

Nico Elvedi, during his days at FC Zurich, Switzerland. (Image courtesy: Nico Elvedi/Twitter)

After nine years with his boyhood club, Elvedi moved to Germany, having signed with Borussia Monchengladbach in 2015 just months before he turned 19.The tenth Birthday for 4 million euros after it was revealed by a group of clubs.

In the 2020-21 season, Elvedi finished a total of five goals and one assist in all competitions, which is a huge number for a central defender.

Player Analysis

Elvedi plays primarily as a center back in Marco Rose’s changing setup but can play across the defensive line. This season, whenever Rose started with three backs, Elvedi was the center back while he was on four, playing mainly as center backs on the left side.

Elvedi was one of the highlights in the league in terms of passing numbers and goal creation actions for defenders. According to FBREFSwiss centre-back, at 97The tenth Percentage of passes completed even though most of them are in the defensive and midfield thirds. Also, he is at 97The tenth Target creation (shot) action percentage, at 0.05 per 90, which is commendable because he is a central defender.

In defensive attribute numbers, Elvedi has faced 90 successful pressings in his 29 league games while also making 33 tackles and 64 interceptions, which is the top five in the league.

But the most underrated aspect of Elvedi is his ability to not harm his opponent’s attackers. The win rate of two challenges per game might not seem like much, but with only one yellow card against him, they are the number of defenders who read danger early, rather than having to compensate later.

Although he has good passing numbers, most of them play either for his fellow defenders or the midfielders in front of him. Elvedi is still hesitant with his forward passes and has to take risks in order to improve his playing style, as he can be a weak point against teams tending to press high which could limit his options and thus lead to errors.

boom factor

The Bundesliga is often a good market for potential buyers to buy defenders who are strong and strong and those who are about to reach the peak of their activity. A strong and efficient ball-playing centre-back is a luxury item in the transfer market and the Euro could be the time to make an impression on Elvedi if he is willing to make a move.

If the Swiss can move his displays this season in the Bundesliga to the eurozone, it could be enough to convince potential buyers to splash money on the 24-year-old. Being able to stop the opponent’s attackers and their options without errors, by reading the game can be the way to blast him in the European Championship.

Euro prediction

After the impressive performances he gave to Borussia Moenchengladbach, national team manager Vladimir Petkovic will be very happy to have Elvedi at his level. Nation campaign From Euro 2020.

The recent World Cup qualifiers and friendlies before the European Championship have seen Elvedi play as a right-sided centre-back in Petkovic’s triple system at the back, and he is set to continue into the next tournament.

Efficient performance in the Euros alongside those in the league for Die Fohlen could be a message for clubs looking for players who can make them work in any type of system or league.

Perfect landing spot

With Borussia Moenchengladbach not qualifying for the Champions League or Europa League this season, Elvedi is set to miss European football for the first time after two seasons and after six seasons in Germany, he may have a sense of the move.

Reports appeared in the summer of 2020 linking the defender to the English Premier League giants Manchester City and Arsenal, but none of them came to fruition.

And while a move to Manchester City now looks unlikely after signings Robin Dias from Sporting and Nathan Ake from Bournemouth in 2020, Eric Garcia leaving the club for free could open a place for the Swiss defender, but it is likely that he will get a great opportunity. Less game time.

Garcia ElvedeEric Garcia, departing for Barcelona from Manchester City, may open a place for Elvede in the Cityzens. (Image courtesy: FC Barcelona/Twitter)

But a move to Arsenal makes sense for everyone as Arsenal and their manager are looking to buy a new center back for a team that will surely undergo major surgery.

Elvedi could adapt directly to the place David Luiz held for two years at Arsenal and the Brazilian’s departure could be the right moment for Arteta to make a move for the Swiss defender.

Louise ElvediNico Elvedi could be the perfect replacement for David Luiz at Arsenal. (Image courtesy: UEFA/Website)

Although Arsenal cannot play any European football, like Moenchengladbach, a move to a club of Arsenal’s stature might be enough for Elvede to make his decision, and the euro, if all goes well, could be enough for Arteta and the board of directors to pull the plug.


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