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Chaison Hadley’s racket carries him to the top of the Palmetto Championships


RIdgeland, SC – As soon as he said it, Chaison Hadley realized the comment might sound weird in the wrong context.

The PGA Tour player had just finished his second round Friday morning at the Palmetto Championships in Congaree, and was on top of the leaderboard early on. It wasn’t a place he’d been to recently, as Hadley missed the chops in 10 of his last 12 championships.

Interviewed after a round of 5-under-66 put him at 11-under for two rounds, Hadley credited his setting.

“So it’s nice to take some good shots, and the racket is hot,” Hadley said. “So if I can keep riding the paddle, she’s a nice girl. So I’ll even ride her—you know.”

Before he could fully answer the next question about the situation, he burst into laughter.

“I’m kind of thinking about the last comment I made right now,” he said. “Use this. Absolutely.”

why not? Golfers love their putters when they are in the hot weather. On Friday, Hadley made seven flying hits, including one of 35 feet, 8 inches in degree 4 at No. 11, and two of 22-11 in No. 3 and 7.

“It definitely makes golf a lot easier,” Hadley said. “Most of your passes are done on the position surface. So if you see the ball moving down the hole a lot, it does something for you. I definitely made my fair share of hits today on par and flying. I don’t want to outrun myself, but I like the way it all feels. Certainly “.

Hadley uses an Odyssey 2-Ball racket that he calls “Nana” after his grandmother, he explained.

“So my grandmother—she actually passed away earlier this year—but she was like the cutest, most beautiful woman. That’s how I want my racquet to be nice and kind and cute, isn’t it? It’s good for you, isn’t it? So it’s Nana.”

Hadley called his old Odyssey racket Nana, so he updated a new racket with Nana Jr. Whatever the name, the game works well in Congaree Golf Club.

“Fortunately, that was the bright spot that my year was speculative for me,” Hadley said. “You feel and the way you look at the ball changes the ball. Sometimes the ball looks different. You didn’t do anything, and I woke up one day, and it looks different for some reason. It just changes everything. But I have a good foundation with the situation now. I know what I’m doing, And what I’m trying to do, and it’s working. So hopefully you’ll keep moving forward with that.”

Hadley, who will turn 34 next month, seemed comfortable just going to lunch on Friday without worrying about the cut streak. It’s understandable given his streak of five missed cuts, followed by two, and then five more missing cuts. He has played 18 championships this season, and of the six cuts made, five have resulted in a top 25.

“No, I certainly wasn’t expecting this,” said the 2010 Georgia Tech graduate. “…Thank God, I only got three weeks off to kind of hit the reset switch, get off the boat, forget a few things and take some time. With some family.

Hadley, whose only PGA Tour win was at the 2014 Puerto Rico Open, said the stretch of missed cuts didn’t help his confidence. But he looked back on his career successes and started playing better.

“Obviously we are far from the winner’s circle, which is not what I’m saying,” he said. “I’m so grateful to feel like that again, like I belong in that kind of thing.”



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