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Daniel Shayka – 2021 NHL Draft Profile

Daniel Chaika

2020-21 Team: Spartak Moscow
Birthdate: October 22, 2022
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Height: 6 feet – 3 Weight: 185 pounds
Shoots: left
Position: d
NHL Draft Eligibility: 2021 Year One Eligibility


Daniel Chaika isn’t one of the most exciting characters to watch in an NHL competition. His low points in Canadian junior, Russian and Russian professional hockey over the past few seasons accurately reflect his lack of offensive ability. So, why do so many scouts claim the Russian defenseman deserves to be a first-round pick?

Due to his size and mobility, Chayka is expected to be a reliable and ungainly defensive man. The best part of his game results from his powerful skateboarding and long reach to defend against zone entrances and offensive rushes. He also uses his reach along the boards to strip the disc and suppress scoring chances.

While Chayka will need to fill his big frame as he matures, his ability to fight for positioning along the boards and in front of the net is a positive. However, I wouldn’t call him a physical defender, as he is still somewhat skinny, but if he develops his physicality, he will be more effective defensively.

Daniel Shaika of Storm Guelph (Terry Wilson/OHL Images)

Chayka’s skate is above average for a defender in this year’s class, due to his acceleration and lateral movement. However, he does not have a particularly long or fast stride, which limits his ability to move quickly.

Offensively, Chayka has the tools to be a talented player, but he lacks the vision and decision-making skills to be effective. His shot and wrist kick have good power and can be assets in his game if used correctly. However, the Russian striker often sees his shots blocked before they pose a threat.

Chayka’s toy making skills could use development but it’s not terrible. He can easily make simple passes and create attacking opportunities for those who are more talented than him. Occasionally at the junior level, he would trust him with the quarterback in the second PU; However, I wouldn’t see that as a likely role at a professional level.

Daniel Shayka – 2021 NHL Drop Project إسقاط

I think Chayka would be picked late in the first round, as most ratings expected him to go somewhere between 20 and 32 overall. I especially see him selected by a franchise with multiple choices from the first round, who can use their first pick on a more serious or talented prospect and then choose a “certain thing” on Chayka later.


“He (Shaika) needs to get a little stronger and add the physical element to his game because that’s still one of the weaknesses for him on his end. He reads attacks well and punches the disc holder well in the transition, using his wand to take out the disc for free. It can be his game. Offensiveness is a bit frustrating at times because we see so many tools that should lead him to be a threat as a striker but they rarely get together.” – Tony Ferrari, Dobber Prospects

“Once he’s his man on the ocean, he does a good job of clearing passing lanes and forcing them to shoot from a tricky angle. Chayka’s long stick and quick movement are real assets here. He’s willing to play physically to protect that ice and keep his opponent out in the bike game. To grow, he must become more physical in board battles and in protecting the front of Grid.” – Ben Kerr, the last word in sports

“Aside from his lack of physical play, I enjoyed Chayka’s response to loose pucks movement and puck movement in general. Chayka is quick on his feet. He will dress up quickly to chase loose pucks and will keep his foot on the gas when attackers make sudden changes in direction.” – Josh Tesler, Smaht Scouting

strength point

  • size
  • Reaches
  • Defensive IQ
  • Lateral movement

Under construction – improvements to be made

  • offensive instincts
  • succumb to

NHL potential

Chayka is not a “high” pick. There is room for improvement, but its cap is lower than many of the choices expected in the latter half of the first round. Chayka could be a strong defensive fourth or fifth, but he could reach higher or lower than that, depending on how he develops in the coming seasons.

Risk and reward analysis

Risk – 2/5, Reward – 3/5

Fantasy hockey odds

Offense – 4/10, defense – 7/10

Daniel Chaika’s stats


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