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Demolition ax heart has poor response to COVID vaccine


The COVID pandemic will hopefully subside, but it is still a major risk. There’s a vaccine out there and it helps dramatically. Unfortunately, no vaccine comes without risks involved.

Lanny Poffo posted on Facebook that Bill Eadie, Demolition Ax, had a “bad reaction” to his COVID vaccine. He is apparently experiencing heart problems. We’m not sure what the exact problem is at this point, but it does not sound good.

Pray for the health of my friend, Bill Eadie, better known by fans as the Ax of the Demolition. His heart had a bad reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine

Poffo is still close friends with Eadie, and of course he was told this information. We will continue to monitor this ongoing situation to get more details as they are made known.

Lanny Poffo asked fans to pray for Ax, but we are not sure of other details at this time. Looks like Bill Eadie’s feeling pretty bad right now. We hope for the best and send positive thoughts in its own way.


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