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Detroit Lions coaching staff is fully vaccinated and has no on-site restrictions


NFL’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Allen Stills, informed clubs back in May that if their coaching staff does not get their first COVID-19 vaccine shot by June 7, they are set to lose their Tier 1 status with their respective teams, which means they will have heavy restrictions on how they will be in able to interact with their own players. Specifically, non-vaccinated coaches are not allowed to be on the training field in meeting rooms, and they can have no face-to-face interaction with players.

To Detroit Lions, it will be a non-issue. According to head coach Dan Campbell, the entire coaching staff has received the vaccination, although two members are still in the 14-day period after receiving the vaccination, where they may not have been fully vaccinated yet. (By Dave Birkett, these two coaches are Duce Staley and Antwaan Randle El).

“Everyone is vaccinated,” Campbell told the media on Thursday. “Those who have masks, they have been fully vaccinated, but it is a 14-day period until they can not wear the masks.”

The NFL encourages players and coaches throughout the league to receive the vaccine, even though there is still a significant amount of pushback. Despite Washington football team bring an immunologist, defensive lineman Montez Sweat spoke out against getting the vaccine this week.

“I probably won’t get vaccinated until I’ve got more facts and stuff like that, but I’m not a fan of it at all,” Sweat said.

It is unclear what percentage of the entire player population has received the vaccination (for Washington, the number is around 50 percent), but those who have not will face different protocols than the rest of the players, including daily testing. masking and heavy travel restrictions.

Earlier this offseason, Lions left tackle Taylor Decker said he will not be vaccinated.

“I was not vaccinated, and I do not,” Decker said in April. “I just do not want to talk about the reasons. I have my reasons. I do not know, it’s such a hot button topic, but me personally, I just do not want it to be the best thing for me, so I do not want to do it. ”


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