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Devin Booker owns the last LeBron James shirt number 23 in the world


LeBron James has always had a lot of admiration for Devin Booker. When Booker was discarded as a 2021 primaryا NBA All-Star Game, mosques Tweet Booker is the most contemptuous player in the league. Booker has spent the past few months validating James, even if it comes at the cost of beating LeBron Los Angeles Lakers of the playoffs.

For years, Poker has been known as an empty calorie logger – the type of player Who can score 70 points in a match and still be unable to lead his team to victory. Booker changed that narrative this year with an improved support team titled Adding Chris Paul. After failing to make it to post-season in the first five years of his career with Phoenix Suns, Booker and his team are now on the verge of a trip to the conference finals. Booker has proven conclusively that he can put in huge numbers while still playing winning basketball.

Just ask James. Booker scored 47 points to eliminate the Lakers in Game 6 of the first-round playoff series, ending the Lakers’ bid to repeat the championship earlier than anyone expected. After the match, James Booker gave another sign of respect by giving him his jersey and signing it. It was a beautiful moment between one of the league’s rising young stars and a historically great athlete approaching the end of his career.

Jersey swaps have become popular in the NBA over the past five years. James was giving Booker his shirt a nice gesture, but it certainly wasn’t a big deal.

At least it didn’t happen sound Like a big deal until Wednesday’s news that LeBron was changing his number to No. 6.

LeBron wore the number 6 during his four years with Miami Heat. He went back to No. 23 when he came back to Cleveland Cavaliers, But He was still sometimes rock number 6 in practice.

LeBron kept wearing the number 23 during his first three years at the Lakers, but only because of the NBA and Nike Banning his request to change his number in 2019 Because he had a lot of James No. 23 shirts left for sale.

There are already conspiracy theories as to why James changed his number. Part of this looks like a marketing ploy for this summer crowded place The sequel, where James wears the number 6 in the Melody squad. Some believe LeBron is trying to get two retired numbers with the Lakers like Kobe Bryant.

Devin Booker is the biggest winner in changing LeBron’s shirt number

The signed and worn LeBron jersey is a valuable keepsake even without any other context. but the the last Worn number 23 in the game? Now this could go for some serious money.

Booker signed a five-year, $158 million deal with Phoenix, so it’s not like he’s agonizing over the money. But in case he ever decides to sell the shirt, it might be possible to use a real coin. LeBron Rookie Card Sold for $5.2 Million. That shirt should be more valuable than that card, right?

It’s possible that Booker had no idea he had received his last #23 LeBron jersey. We may never know if LeBron now regrets handing it over.


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