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DK Metcalf teaches football speed does not correspond to track speed


Metcalf also did not challenge the national high school record of 10.00 seconds, often considered the threshold for world-class speed. Most importantly, he did not reach his goal of 10.05 seconds, the time needed to automatically enter the Olympic trials in Eugene, Malm.

Other competitors welcomed Metcalf to the meeting in Mt. San Antonio College. For his football fame, who was interested in a sport that gets little attention other than the Olympics. For his willingness to compete against professional sprinters. And for the lesson delivered, running 100 meters is a far more technical effort than just running as fast as possible from the starting line to the finish line.

“Fans have long looked at this, that our speeds are comparable; they are not, ”said Noah Lyles, who could potentially win 100 meters (personal record 9.86 seconds) and 200 meters at the rescheduled Olympics in Tokyo in July and August.

Sure, there have been some extremely fast football players. Most notably, Bob Hayes, a Hall of Fame recipient of the Dallas Cowboys, won the 100 meters at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo. United States 4×100 meter relay team at the 2019 World Championships in Landscaping.

Soccer players rarely run the length of the pitch in a straight line. And their 40-yard dash times – Metcalf ran that distance of 4.33 seconds at the 2019 NFL Combine for potential players – are widely discussed in court circles. There is no response to a starting gun to accurately measure speed. At a fan show in the Super Bowl in 2019, the retired Bolt randomly matched the NFL combine’s record of 4.22 seconds, while running in sweat and sneakers.

Metcalf, who is 6 feet and 4 inches and weighs 229 pounds, was an excellent obstacle in high school but did not run track at the University of Mississippi. His lack of formal training in the 100 meters was evident Sunday.

“There is as much strategy running 100 meters as running a marathon,” Lyles said.

No one can accelerate for a full 100 meters. Speed ​​must be distributed strategically. The mechanics of the event require a low, explosive start from blocks. Sprinters should avoid popping up too quickly and losing speed or braking by hitting the ground too far in front of their bodies.


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