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Eagles News: Take a closer look at Jalen Hurts’ unique trust


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The Jalen Hurts Experience: How Eagles QB’s Cool, Quiet Hardness Makes Believers On and Off the Field – CBS Sports
From the beginning, says former Crimson Tide QB Josh Palet, he had a confidence in him that was unique. “He acted as if he owned the building when he entered. It rubbed some people wrong and he didn’t care. He wasn’t really worried about making friends, he was worried about doing his job and winning. “On the surface, it sounds like the ideal description of any Alabama QB recruit. Do your job; that’s all that matters. But this manifested itself in every exchange that Hurts had, both on and off the field. Once, according to a source, teammates whispered that a young Hurts should take a seat for another QB during the meetings, much to the concern of the other QB. “(And he) was not willing to hand over this seat back to his original occupant,” said the source, who asked for anonymity so as not to overplay his relationship with certain players. “I understood that meant, ‘I’m here to stay.’ When the story was passed on to me, he took the seat – a seat in front of the room – to send a message. He, I think the same week, also took the lead in the lines of individual exercises; a way of asserting oneself. ” [BLG Note: Nice feature on Hurts from former BGN contributor Cody Benjamin.]

Jalen Hurts becomes 2000 Donovan McNabb before Eagles wins NFC East – BGN
So there is a headwind against the Eagles in 2021, but there is a growing mood among some in the fan base that they just might not want to be as bad as many predict. After all, NFC East did not have a single winning team in the division last year, and while Washington improved itself on paper in the low season, they still have no franchise QB. Dallas has offensive weapons, but still no defense. And New York, the judge is still out on them yet. But if the Eagles are to win the NFC East, almost certainly one thing must happen. Jalen Hurts will have to drive out. Hurts will not only have to be a pretty good QB, he will have to be a great one. Think back to 1999, when Andy Reid was in his first year as head coach and he had an athletic rookie QB from Syracuse named Donovan McNabb. Like Hurts, McNabb was starting late in the season (his first start came in week 10), and while his total was not large, they were not too different from Hurts’ numbers in his limited time last season.

State of the 2021 Philadelphia Eagles: Jalen Hurts’ time is now – NFL.com
Quarterback: Jalen hurts. I thought it was weird in the low season when some people on NFL Twitter wondered if the Eagles should look at a quarterback. I found this very disrespectful to Jalen. I want to be completely transparent here; I’m a big Jalen Hurts guy. I thought he was great during the last few games last year, especially considering what the Eagles were working on on offense and in the wide receiver position. I would still argue that he did not fumble that ball against Dallas Cowboys. And not just because it cost me a couple fantasy football championships. But this is not just about fantasy football appeal. I was told that teams – especially teams like the Bears – drafted him in April last year. Jalen had more than 300 yards past back-to-back play in Week 15-16. His rush was on point. And I already mentioned his rally courage Arizona Cardinals. There’s a reason the Eagles felt good enough to swap Wentz for Indianapolis and roll with Jalen.

Quarterback rankings for fantasy football in 2021 – DraftKings Nation
QB12 Jalen hurts. Jalen Hurts is a bit of a boom or bust game where I have him ranked, but you just can not get away from his rushing ability that increases his fantasy points.

On the podium: Eagles’ position coaches – BGN Radio
Several of the Eagles’ position coaches spoke to the Philly media on Tuesday afternoon. Hear from Wide Receiver Coach Aaron Moorehead, Quarterbacks Coach Brian Johnson, Running Backs Coach Jemal Singleton, Tight Ends Coach Jason Michael and Passing Game Coordinator Kevin Patullo.

NFL Trading Habits: The Five Factors That Have Increased High-Profit Movement – ESPN +
Zach Ertz, TE, Philadelphia Eagles: At least three close-knit teams have studied Ertz, including Chargers before signing Jared Cook. The Colts were an option, but they gave left tackle Eric Fisher $ 8.38 million and will sign Darius Leonard and Braden Smith, so they may be out at this point. Maybe the bills or a few others will get involved, but expect this to be done some time this summer. Ertz would very much like to go out, Dallas Goedert is the future and the Eagles have made it clear that they do not want to move on without something in return. Teams could wait for Philly to be forced to cut him if there is not enough trade value, but here’s the bet, Ertz can still pull a Day 3 pick from a new team.

Eagles Rookie NFL Player Comparison: Kenny Gainwell – PhillyVoice
As a player, Gainwell has a certain versatility with return / slot receivers, as do a number of other players who have come out of Memphis in recent years, such as Tony Pollard (Cowboys) and Antonio Gibson (WASTEAM). But the player he most reminds me of is the Los Angeles Chargers driving Austin Ekeler back.

Eagles announces milestone partnership to compensate for travel – PE.com
The Philadelphia Eagles have entered into a landmark, first-class partnership with the Ocean Conservancy and The Ocean Foundation to compensate for all team travel from 2020 through seagrass and mangrove restoration efforts in Puerto Rico. As part of Team Ocean, this partnership merges the Eagles’ robust Go Green program with Ocean Conservancy’s work in the world of sports and returns to their role as Ocean Partner for Miami super Bowl Host Committee in 2019.

A hard look at confidence levels for 2021 Cowboys – Blogging The Boys
Offensive line. The extensive damage on the offense certainly made life more difficult for the quarterbacks. Once again, the team radiates confidence that all of last year’s injured starters, Tyron Smith, La’el Collins, Zack Martin and Tyler Biadasz, will be fully ready for the start of the season. Smith tells reporters that he is pain-free for the first time in years after his neck surgery and ready to return to the level of play that made him one of the elite tackles in the league. Here is a case where we need to pay attention to the story. With Dallas, it tells us that we’ve heard the team radiate this kind of positivity before, and it’s turned out to be a load of something completely different. With injuries, you just do not know until the players are on the field a few games. We remain skeptical. Level: Uncertain.

Kenny Golladay – Daniel Jones’ chemistry already has a good start – Big Blue View
That New York Giants‘appreciated free agent signing is about playbook this year. Kenny Golladay told reporters on Tuesday that there’s one thing in particular he’s focusing on, heading into the NFL season 2021. “I pretty much say this every year, just getting a better all-round receiver, and that’s hand, routes. , and this year it will be a playbook, “it said earlier Detroit Lions wide receiver. “And just get all my customizations and tasks correct.” When Golladay nails that playbook down, quarterback Daniel Jones should be the first to get excited. In fact, Golladay and Jones both talked about their growing relationship on Tuesday. “Danny and I connected a few times outside the facility … this is my boy. I can’t wait to work really deeper with him deeper in training camp and especially when the season starts, ”said Golladay.

A closer look at Washington’s game lost to injury: 2015-2020 – Hogs Haven
For years, it looked like the Washington Redskins were consistently one of the most injured teams in the league. By 2020, it finally looked like Washington was getting a break. But did they really? With the hiring of Ron Rivera last offseason, there was a significant turnover in the training staff, including the firing of former head athlete coach Larry Hess. Hess had worked for the team for 17 years and had close relationships with both Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen. Rivera brought her own head coach, Ryan Vermillion, from Carolina, and expanded her staff with, among others, medical consultant Kevin Wilk.

NFL Daily Kickoff, Wednesday – Aaron Rodgers Stops! Julio Jones writes a letter to the Atlanta – SB Nation NFL Show
In today’s episode, Aaron Rodgers officially keeps out Packers minicamp, wide receiver Julio Jones writes a letter to Atlanta and gets a new number as a Titan. Plus, a speed round with the latest, including updates on Trevor Lawrence, Dak Prescott, and could the bug be back in San Francisco?

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