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El Paso Rinos Announces Expanded Partnership With Mexico Hockey – El Paso Herald Post


El Paso Championship-winning hockey franchise officials – Rhino – It was announced this week that the club will expand its partnership with the Mexican National Hockey Organization as well as the Mexico Ice Hockey Workshop Group.

“The Mexican and El Paso Hockey communities have similar roots. El Paso Hockey Association involvement and El Paso owner Cory Herman “It is difficult to grow and develop in the non-traditional hockey market.” “So we think it is really important that we come together and give every hockey player within our communities a chance.” to success.”

Since 2019, the El Paso Hockey Association and Rhinos have worked with the Mexican Ice Hockey Federation.

After months of discussion and planning between Rhino general manager Corey Heon and the technical director of the Mexican Ice Hockey Federation, Diego de la Jarma, the Mexican national under-18 team traveled to El Paso to play an exhibition match against the rhinos in 2019.

The series was so successful and was so well received by both the El Paso and Mexican hockey community that Heon and de la Garma decided that it would be mutually beneficial to broaden the organization’s relationship.

Now, the rhinoceros will not only work with the Mexican Hockey Federation, but they will also collaborate with the Ice Hockey Workshop (IHW), an ice hockey development program based in Mexico City.

IHW, led by Diego de la Garma, has three teams: Osos, Bufalo and Stars.

“We are very excited to expand our working relationship with de la Garmas, Ice Hockey Workshop and the Mexican Ice Hockey Federation. Our goal is to help develop the game of hockey in Latin America and help the best players reach the next level. By working together, we create unique opportunities for our youth on both sides of the border. “The future is bright,” Hyun said.

Rhinos Ice Hockey Workshop intends to host workshops, training clinics and camps for youth and juniors on both sides of the border. Rhino Country also plans to host the Mexican Ice Hockey Federation men’s national team, the Mexican women’s national team and youth national teams for show games.

“It is a great honor for us to be able to work with such a successful organization. This will help our really great players take the next step and eventually develop Mexican hockey on the next level while promoting hockey within the Latin American community across the states,” explained de la Jarma. United.

To excite both hockey communities, the bridge between Mexico and El Paso hockey has already been crossed. Last month, Rhinos’ NA3HL team announced that they had made a bid for Said Ayala, a member of the Mexican national under-18 and under-20 teams as well as the Bufalos Metepec Club.

Just two weeks ago, five players from the Mexican Ice Hockey Federation were fitting for the Rhino teams at the NAHL Mega Camp in Blaine, Minnesota. Additionally, there is currently a former Mexico City Rhino Lady vying for a spot on the Mexican women’s national team.


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