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F1 Nation podcast: Max’s accident, Perez’s joy and Mercedes under pressure – Damon, Pinks and TC at Azerbaijan’s Grand Prix

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Damon Hill, Tom Clarkson and Natalie Pinkham look back on the exciting Grand Prix in Azerbaijan in this week’s episode of F1 Nation with another version of Ask Damon

On Sunday, Sergio Perez saw his first win for Red Bull in a very dramatic race that saw pole vaulter Charles Leclerc fall in order, Max Verstappen crashed out of the lead late and Lewis Hamilton made a crucial mistake in the dying moments of the race that fell to him. out of points from second place.

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The hosts select details from the race, including the two separate accidents that saw Lance Stroll, then Verstappen, crashes at high speed. In terms of winner Perez, the band discusses his glorious victory and why he is a formidable force before turning their attention to podium finishers Sebastian Vettel and Pierre Gasly.

They also discuss what’s going on with Mercedes when the team got away from Baku without a single point. “We see now that Mercedes has stress fractures. We see them being put to the test by a competition that is obviously getting hotter …” says 1996 world champion Damon.

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There is also another edition of Ask Damon, including questions about tech gizmos and reading material.

And you can also join Ask Damon by sending the F1 Champion 1996 an answering machine via AskDamonHill[at]gmail.com.

Listen to the podcast in the player above, to Spotify, or Apple Podcasts for the full analysis of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.


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