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Final Match Report – England vs New Zealand 2nd Test 2021


Welcome to the second day of our live report on the second England-New Zealand Test from Edgbaston. Join us for updates, analysis and color. you can find The traditional explanation is here.

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4.40 pm: Have your say

4.20 pm: Departs Conway

Stewart Broad is finally back again with a valuable little gate from Devon Conway, who picked a deep-legged Zack Crowley for 80. New Zealand is 137 for 2 and Broad is trying to engage the audience even more as he looks to boost his impressive 2 characters at 19 out of 12 plus.

He was whipped with the Conway boom we are used to now, but he found a deep square leg with it. This is that shot full of special flair. Most people toss this long ball of pads to the floor, but Conway likes to give it Humpty. This time this hit right below the throat of the deep square leg. Just the break England needed

3.50 pm: tea time

Tea New Zealand 130 for 1 (Conway 78*, Young 40*) England 303 (Lawrence 81*, Burns 81, Bolt 4-85) 173 points

England Street A couple of missed chances, one they couldn’t do anything about with Zach Crowley getting no slips to keep Devon Conway off for 22 when the soft cue (bump ball) didn’t run out and the hosts review wasn’t revealed enough evidence to prove the ball never touched the ground Actually. Then Joe Root pounded a latch that would have sent Will Young packets for only 7.

As it stands, he put Conway and Young in an unbroken position of 115 for the second wicket.

3.35 pm: Tourists stand along

New Zealand is doing well here as England need a breakout. Conway and Young pushed their partnership to an unbroken level 111 with Conway 78* and Young 36*. They just changed the ball, Stuart Broad will look to see what he can do with that ball. He beats the bat with his first delivery since the shift, turning away from Conway’s attempt to defend, and ends up with a virgin.

2.50 pm: The root rotates in

Joe Root enters the offensive as the England international with the home team seeks to break up this partnership between Devon Conway and Will Young, worth $73*.

Our statistician Sampath Bhandarupally noted that “between 2004 and 2020, England played only one home Test without a front-line player in the XI (versus SA in 2012 in Leeds).” They’ve now done it twice in as many games this summer.

Conway isn’t out of 55 and Young at 21. Root has a 0 for 3 heading into third.

2.35pm: Fifty up for Conway

Devon Conway, who debuted for Lords with a 200 in the first rounds, turns 50 by pushing from a Joe Root half ball behind deep cover, running two like Stewart Broad Fields.

Having survived at 22 when Zack Crowley’s bowling prod slips, was not given amid doubt as to whether the ball touched the ground, Conway is now 51 not out and Will Young is unbeaten with 21, their partnership equals 69*.

2.00 pm: Oh no, Joe!

Joe Root, England captain, just made a – and drops – a pass that would have distracted Will Young in 7. A nice ball from Olly Stone found the outer edge and the ball sailed to the root on the first slip. He had a couple going to catch him when he went to the ground but he just couldn’t stand it! It seemed like a standard opportunity, too. New Zealand was 52 to 1 at the time.

1.50 pm: Warmth of the heart

Regardless of your team’s allegiances, this celebration of returning to the stands at Edgbaston is a lot of fun to watch. Yes, he’s understandably biased, but it warmed Chris Wok’s heart.



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