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Ganguly-led Sourav – BCCI takes a turn on ICC events to get bigger window for expanded 10-team IPL: Reports


The Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) In India, it rolled back its cricket World Cup standings by adding two more events in the 2024-31 World Cricket Tournament, which could see them get a few extra days and possibly a bigger window for the 10-team IPL starting in 2022.

BCCI has announced that the IPL 2022 tournament will be a 10-team event at some point, meaning that the IPL Board of Directors and the Indian Board will need more days to accommodate the matches of the two new teams.

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly (Image Source: Twitter)

Earlier, BCCI, along with England and Wales Cricket (ECB) and Cricket Australia (CA), initially opposed the idea of ​​more world events, and stated openly that they believed in the concept of less is more.

“Sometimes there is a little more in life. So we have to be careful with that. The soccer world cup is every four years and you see the madness. This is a decision that the ICC has to make. I am not in a position to speak or comment on it. Part of the discussion, I’ll talk, “ The president of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sourav Ganguly, said in 2019.

ICC T20I World Cup 2021
ICC T20I World Cup 2021 (Image Source: Twitter)

Ganguly himself was one of the signatories to the recent ICC Governing Council resolution approving two World Cups, twenty-four World Cups, and two Champions Cups for the next eight years.

A deal has been struck between BCCI and ICC to facilitate a larger window for future 10-team IPL tournaments

However, now, Cricbuzz reports that according to the sources, ICC and BCCI have reached some kind of deal which will allow the Indian Expanded League (IPL) to have a bigger window to play its matches. Currently, the 8-team IPL tournament requires 52-54 days to play 60 matches, and the world cricket calendar has been mostly kept free of international cricket in April and May, helping foreign players to participate in IPL without conflicting with international cricket .

However, with the IPL 2022 expanding to 10 teams, the window will need another 15-20 days and BCCI is considering adding a portion of March.

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3 reasons why Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) can win the IPL 2021 title in the UAE.

As of now, the 10-team IPL format is not finalized and which two teams will be added to the mix, but the number of matches could be either 76 or 94, depending on whether BCCI wants to hold the league in two groups or if it remains in the current format. Either way, the IPL will need an additional 15 days.

The idea of ​​creating a 10-team IPL was welcomed by the broadcasters’ officials as well. The current broadcast cycles of the IPL and ICC end in June 2022 and November 2023 respectively. Bids must be placed one year in advance.

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