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Golf Business News – Golfasian expands its reach to raise the golf industry in Thailand


Asian golfAsia’s largest inbound tourism company, is using the strength of diversity to take the golf industry in Thailand to the next level.

The Bangkok-based company has acquired FORE Management Group, a reputable organizer of golf events in Thailand. Its phenomenal track record includes the Thailand Open (an Asian Tour event), the International Corporate Golf Challenge, and the Thai segment of the Faldo Series: the only junior world amateur series.

Golfasian has also established a strategic partnership with FENIX XCell, one of the region’s most innovative names in golf apparel.

“Together, the two companies will create the most powerful brands in the golf industry in Asia, particularly with regard to golf travel, golf events and golf apparel,” commented Mark Siegel, founder and CEO of Golfasian. “The new state will facilitate additional vertical integration and allow companies to offer a broader range of products and services to golfers and international partners.”

Since its founding in 2016, FORE Management Group has established itself as the go-to company in Thailand for fun and professionally managed golf courses – organizing more than 70 events annually.

The acquisition will allow Golfasian to leverage its logistical expertise at a busy roster of events including corporate days, charity tournaments and events open to local and visiting golfers at some of Thailand’s premier clubs.

“FORE Management Group is pleased to become the Golfasian event arm,” said Chris Watson, co-founder of FORE Management Group who will now become Golfasian’s commercial director.

Golfasian already has an exemplary reputation all over the world thanks to its position as the largest tour operator in the region. The new arrangement strengthens its position locally and provides many synergies. It’s exciting.”

The pandemic has been devastating for the golf tourism industry in Thailand. But while most companies are in a survival mode, Golfasian is using strength in numbers to ensure they emerge soundly and bolster the global crisis.

“We believe we are the strongest Thailand-origin brands in the industry,” says Michael Muir, founder of FENIX XCell. “These have been very turbulent times, but by joining together we can show potential partners that we offer insight, vision and stability.”

Golfasian has helped cement Thailand’s reputation as a must-visit golf destination since its inception in 1997.

Utilizing expert knowledge of the game and the region itself, it prides itself on being the number one choice for golfers embarking on their dream vacation in the Kingdom and other exciting golf destinations in Southeast Asia.

With international travel severely restricted, clubs have had to rely on local customers since early 2020.

But as Thailand’s government advances a mass vaccination program for its residents, there is growing confidence that international visitors will be able to return to the kingdom’s trails sooner rather than later.

With this in mind, Golfasian believes that diversifying its services can help Thailand build momentum with a local audience and also quickly regain its position as a top-notch golf destination for travelers.

“Thailand’s reputation as a golf destination has been as bright as it was before the pandemic,” said Boyd Parker, Golfasian’s chief operating officer. “We are excited to showcase the country for golfers to visit again while growing the local golf market through attractive events.”

Founded in 1997 in Bangkok, Thailand, Golfasian is the most established golf tour company in Asia. Golfasian’s quality of services and expert knowledge have made the company the number one choice for golfers and golf tour operators around the world.

Golfasian itself prides itself on a large number of repeat customers and referrals and maintains a membership base of 267,346 golfers looking for quality golf experiences in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Laos, Myanmar and the United Arab Emirates.


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