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Here’s why the Chiefs actually go 20-0


Kansas City going unbeaten isn’t as crazy as it sounds.

Patrick Mahomes was recently asked what NFL records he might want to break and gave an answer that caused quite a stir in the media. He said he would like to go 20-0.

“The only record I have eyes set on breaking, which will be new this year, will be 20-0,” Mahomes told Bleacher Report. “It’s not a record to be broken, I guess you’d say – 19-0 is the record right now – so being able to go 20-0 and being the first to do that, that would be great.

Of course, fans and the media overreacted. Obviously, Mahomes wasn’t predicting heads He’s going 20-0, it was just conveying that his goal is to go out there and win every game he plays. Most people don’t read outside the headline, and for that reason, Mahomes had to clarify.

“At the end of the day, whatever the record is, whether it’s 20-0 or whatever, you win the last game of the season, then you’ll be happy with everything that happened earlier in the season,” Mahomes later told reporters at the minicamp.

Since we’re talking about this topic, is it possible for the Chiefs to go 20-0?

of course not.

Could the Kansas City Chiefs lose in 2021?

The debate over how the Chiefs can go 20-0 is very simple. They weren’t very far from achieving that feat last season. The team lost only three games in total last season. During the regular season, he lost only two games, and the third game he lost was the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs lost to the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 5. This was a straight and honest loss. The invaders captured them that day.

The second loss came in Week 17 against the Charger. However, it should be noted that the leaders have already snatched the AFC top seed and rested at the start. If the game means anything, the bosses will probably, if not sure, be able to beat the chargers.

So in the whole last season, the Chiefs only lost 2 of the 19 games they were trying to win. 17-2 is very good.

As someone who watched every Chiefs game last year, I can tell you the team slept through most of the regular season. They weren’t playing their best in four quarters but in most matches, they were able to turn it on and shut down their opponents. Having just won the Super Bowl, it’s fair to assume that this highly talented team has been eyeing off the season, and recurring, causing a lack of focus that will likely result in underperformance from the regular season.

Despite all of that, The Chiefs still led 14-2 in the regular season. It’s reasonable to expect that had KC not slipped against the Raiders in Week 5, Andy Reed would have played his starts in Week 17 against the Chargers. A win there would have meant KC were undefeated by entering the Super Bowl against Tampa.

However, as we know, closure counts only in horseshoes and grenades. The Buccaneers in the Super Bowl proved that bosses could be handled and with the Mahomes constantly pressured, Tampa took the win. Yes, team captains have had injuries along their offensive line but injuries are part of football and the best teams have to overcome them.

There is a reason why it is so hard not to be defeated. Injuries, bad calls and embarrassing bounces can be the difference between winning and losing in a league designed to level the playing field. No matter how good the team is, they will also need more than a few breaks to overcome defeat.

However, if any team in the past few years has had a chance to pull it off, it’s the Chiefs. Thanks to the rebuilding of the offensive line, no sane football analyst can claim that the 2021 chiefs are worse than the 2020 chiefs. Mahomes, already the best player in the league, will enter his fourth season as a rookie behind the best offensive line ever.

Then there is the motivating factor. The Chiefs were embarrassed at the Super Bowl last season. Kansas City fans have been coining the term “revenge round,” and while the players didn’t speak that way in public, it’s safe to assume that behind the scenes they wanted revenge for the Super Bowl defeat. This season, we can see the Kansas City team focus on proving how good they are in every game. That thought should make the rest of the NFL uneasy.

Will the presidents go unbeaten? Almost certainly not. There are a lot of things that can go wrong over the course of the season. With the addition of the NFL another game, it will be difficult for teams to turn the table.

But with few game breaks and on the injury front, the Kansas City Chiefs definitely have the firepower to make things interesting.


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