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Here’s Why Trading Celtics With Kemba Walker Is Bad For Toronto


While they did not have nearly Disappointing season Such as Toronto Raptors, The Boston Celtics Making some serious structural changes after approximating 2020-2021. Boston, ranked No. 7 in the conference, decided to promote Brad Stevens to a front office role at the expense of Danny Inge after Jason Tatum and Kimba Walker were swept away by Brooklyn Networks.

Walker has been the subject of fan base anger for two years, as he was not as productive as Kyrie Irving, for whom Walker signed a $141 million four-year deal to replace him. It looks like Boston has finally had enough of its previous underperforming Husky, and Walker too likewise with Celtics.

Bleacher Report’s Farbod Esnaashari It is reported that both Walker and the Celtics are looking to break up with each other, with the exception of Walker for Boston’s attempts to trade him earlier in the season.

If this is the end of Kemba in Boston, the Celtics will use one of two methods to get rid of him and his contract. Unfortunately for the Raptors, who could view Boston as the team they could easily jump into in the Atlantic standings, the Celtics would benefit from going either way.

The Toronto Raptors should be wary of the Kimba Walker trade.

Walker doesn’t score as much as he did in Charlotte, but he was an All-Star last year, and exploring 19.3 points per game as Boston’s third option will keep interest in him high. It is not a completely expendable asset.

The first way to get rid is to get rid of his salary, perhaps with draft picking included, on a team that needs to reach the salary minimum. This maneuver would allow Stevens to enter the off-season with plenty of cover space, and he’s one of the few teams that could have that distinction.

The other option is to include it as a trading chip that can help them reach a disgruntled star. If Brown comes back healthy and Tatum continues to improve, the Big Three in Boston could end any ideas Toronto had by jumping over them in the division.

While the Knicks may take a step back next season, plenty of cover space means they will likely add a big one in the off season. With Brooklyn and Philadelphia miles away from the rest of the conference, the Raptors need to make sure Boston doesn’t start pulling out.

Toronto’s geography will be killer for the Raptors next season, as they are stuck in a division with four of the conference’s top seven teams. Walker may have been terrible against the Nets in the postseason, but he can turn things around in a heartbeat, and that can raise his profile to the point that Boston’s exit from him could set them up for success.


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