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I dedicate my Indian summons to my late mom and dad, voiced by Chetan Sakarya


After receiving his first Sri Lanka tour phone call, Chetan Sakarya dedicated the selection to late father Kangbhai Sakarya and mother Varsha Sakarya. He also thanked Royals captain Sanju Samson for showing his confidence in him and expressed his shock at India’s early recall.

Chetan Sakariya was one of the talents discovered in the suspended IPL 2021, gaining the confidence of his captain, Sango Samson, give Rajasthan Royals Some critical breakthroughs throughout the tournament. Sokaria rode in the Syed Mushtaq Ali Championship, picking 12 wickets from five matches. His persistence and spark earned him his first international invitation for a limited tour of Sri Lanka.

Earlier last month, Sokaria’s father became a victim of the COVID-19 virus after battling it for several days. Sakarya dedicated his international calling to his late father Kangbhai Sakarya and mother Varsha Sakarya, expressing his gratitude to them, for allowing him to play cricket.

“I lost my younger brother and a month later got a major IPL contract. I lost my father last month and God handed me a call from India. I was in hospital for seven days when my father was fighting for his life. This is an irreplaceable void,” Sakarya told The Indian Express: “This is for my late father and mother, who allowed me to continue my cricket.”

Sakarya, who has picked seven stakes in many matches so far in the IPL 2021, has expressed his indispensable desire to make his debut in the presence of his father, who dreamed of seeing his child play for the Indian team.

“I wish my dad was here to see this. He wanted me to play for India. I missed him so much today. God made me see the ups and downs in a year’s time. It’s been a very emotional journey so far,” said Sokarya.

The Saurashtra Bowler was impressed with his short stint in the IPL and a high-quality bowling show against him Chennai Super Kings Yielded 3/36 after picking a wicket from Suresh Raina And the MS Dhoni. Sokaria was surprised to receive the call in the main team because he was expecting to be selected as a netball player. However, he promised to keep up with his potential, should he ever have the chance to make his national debut.

“The way people were talking about me after the IPL, I was thinking that now at least I have a chance to be a basketball player for the Indian team. I never expected to be immediately selected into the starting line-up for Sri Lanka. It has now happened, and I will do my best,” said Sokarya. my best”.

The young man also credited his Rajasthan Royals captain Sanju Samson for showing confidence in him while mentioning how he gave him assurance about his choice of India.

“Sanju Bhai trusted me more than anyone else. In fact, he told me during the IPL that the way I was bowling, India’s hat wasn’t far off.”

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