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James Milner and Adam Lallana prepare to tackle golf


We talk to James Milner and Adam Lallana as they transition into golf management, as Ben Schmidt joins the White Rose sports management team.

Premier League players James Milner and Adam Lallana will not only focus on football this summer – moving into golf management means his former Liverpool teammates will be keeping a close eye on all the action of the tour.

The duo will pay special attention to the highly-rated youngster Ben Schmidt, who has signed with White Rose Sports Management, which Milner founded in 2015.

The Rotherham teenager turned pro after an impressive amateur career that saw him become the fourth golfer in history to win the Brabazon and Caris Awards.

Ben Schmidt at the Ryder Cup tournament in Seminole in May [Getty Images]

At the age of 18, he was the youngest member of the Great Britain and Ireland team in recent times Walker CupHe now hopes seasoned soccer stars can use their extensive knowledge of the sport to help him maximize his potential.

“We have a lot of performance experience and we just wanted to nurture and help young players reach their potential,” Milner says. golf monthly.

“It’s very difficult. Like any sport, you need the right people around you, so we want to try to provide that to the players and let them focus on the golf side.”

In addition to providing Milner and Lallana’s guidance, White Rose Sports Management can call on Dr. Steve McGregor to provide his expertise.

Milner knew the fitness expert – who worked with the likes Rory McIlroy And the Lee Westwood – Since he was a teenager at Leeds United.

“It really helped me get through,” Milner says, and despite his love of golf, he’s keen to point out that he’s not ready to close the shoes just yet.

“He has a great experience. Our beliefs and experiences align on the performance side, which is great.”

Crazy golfer Lallana, who made his Southampton debut at the age of 18, before winning the Premier League and Champions League with Liverpool, can’t wait to help Schmidt start his professional career.

“When we’re having conversations it’s about not putting too much pressure on yourself at such a young age, but obviously doing everything you can to give yourself the best possible chance,” says the 33-year-old Brighton midfielder.

“If you’ve got the basics and basics down and worked hard, the rest will kind of take care of themselves.”

Schmidt, who has just found his feet on the Challenge Tour, is excited about what the partnership can do to his game.

“It was these two people who did it. The advice they can give me is incredible,” he says. “It means a lot.

“I’ve been working with Steve and he’s putting together an exercise program for me. It’s been great, even on schedule and planning.”

With another White Rose client at the US Open next week – American Johannes Fermann – both Milner and Lallana will be sticking with the action from Torrey Pines.

James Milner and Adam Lallana prepare to tackle golf

Johannes Vermann will debut at the US Open [Getty Images]

And as travel around the world gets easier, you might see more of them in the aisles — outside of football season, of course, at least for now.


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