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Jrue holiday after Bucks win: ‘If we have to get rid of the game, then we have to get rid of it’


The Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Brooklyn Nets 86-83 in Game 3, taking the series back to 2-1.

Jrue Holiday has been involved in the Bucks’ defense, saying his team needs to be able to take wins if needed.

“Defense first,” Holliday said afterwards. “Defence wins games, wins trophies. I think being able to stop even two seconds before the end means a lot. They score 83 points, I feel like that’s the kind of defense we want to play.

“If we spoil the game, we have to spoil it. But when it comes to it, we want to be aggressive with everyone.”

Khris Middleton finished with 35 points, and Giannis Antikonmo added 33 points. Only five players in the game finished playing with double numbers.

The rest of the Bucks fired out of Middleton and Antetokonmo 8 of 34 from the field.

Antetokounmpo hit a playoff top eight goals in the match, making only one goal.

Antetokounmpo added that he will continue to play properly because the defenses have manipulated him.

“It’s all about instinct. Basketball is about instincts. At the end of the day, my instinct tells me it’s the right decision to make, I’m going to live with that.”



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