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Jrue Holiday Saves Bucks Season With Game 3 Winner (Video)


Jrue Holiday came up with a game winner to save the Milwaukee Bucks season.

Jrue Holiday made only four of his 14 shots in Game 3, but hit the most important ones at the end. With only 11.4 seconds left on the clock, Holiday flooded a waiting throw to drive to put Milwaukee Bucks Before 84-83 over Brooklyn Networks.

When Bruce Brown missed the opportunity to bring the net back to the top, Chris Middleton sealed the deal at the Bucks’ free-throw line. The 3-0 hole could have been disastrous – no team in NBA history has come back with this kind of deficit – but as such, the Bucks live to watch another game.

Check out the Holiday spinning drive that saved the Milwaukee season.

Jrue Holiday drive offers a win to Bucks in game 3

By winning the game, Holiday proves that he can be the X factor for the Bucks in the series. This play helped finish the game is a must.

Most importantly, Milwaukee has finally found a way to slow down the Nets’ high-octane attack, and this will be key to completing this series. However, Bucks’ offense did not make anyone “deer-feared.”

Both teams scored less than 40 percent in the third game. Aside from the weekend tournaments, Milwaukee relied heavily on Middleton and Giannis Antikonmo, who finished with 35 and 33 points respectively – nearly 80 percent of the team’s total. Only four other guys have ever registered.

Bucks will need more Holiday in Game 4 and beyond. Otherwise, they’ll be sent in packages for their summer vacations next week.


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