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Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo and Marcus Gideon – the best?


Minions are arguably the most exciting doubles partner in the ring. The duo consists of Indonesians Marcos Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo. They follow in a long proud history of Indonesian men’s husbands. If you need a reminder of how exciting it is:

Let’s take an in-depth look at this pair and see why they are world numbers.

Brief history of the husband

Gideon and Sukamuljo weren’t a duo that was an instant hit. There was a period when they needed time to whip up. But before they both got paired together, they had very different trajectories to world number one.

Marcos Fernaldi Gideon

Marcus won low-level tournaments earlier in his career. but according to Republic, left the National Training Center in 2013. Due to dissatisfaction with the choice of All England 2013.

However, he did not give up his dreams of representing his country and later joined it Marquis Kiddo. A move that would see the revitalization of his career. On the face of it, this partnership seems a bit mismatched. Basically both players Backcourt playersAnd, while they certainly don’t lack skills at the front of the court, it would be fair to say that they aren’t quite as proficient as Setiawan and Sukamulju.

Kido and Gideon win the 2013 French Open

However, it is clear that to prove himself, the Olympic gold medalist As a partner you must have given him a confidence boost. Appeared in court. The same year he left the National Training Center, he took home his first Superseries title at the French Open. A match that I remember well because I was hoping that Malaysians Tan Boon Hyung and Koo Ken Kit would win another title in the end. Ironically, 2014 will culminate in a win in the Indonesian Masters Championship against future partner Kevin (with Sylvanus J).

Kevin Sanjaya Sukamulju

In contrast, Kevin Sanjaya Sukamulju seemed to have little problem proving himself. Not surprisingly, it has been described as a miracle before. When he was young, he won bronze and silver medals at the Junior World Championships. This was in both mixed doubles and boys. In fact, he was so successful as a junior player that he was ranked #1 in the world.

However, as history has taught us, success at the beginner level is not necessarily an indicator of success at the higher level. But he is, as always, the exception that proves the rule. He showed strong promise in mixed doubles by defeating legendary pair Zhang Nan and Zhao Yunli at the 2014 Indonesia Open, however, that would really be the extent of his mixed doubles at this level. His real focus was on the men’s doubles, and after winning a few lower tier championships so far, he was on the verge of entering the 2015 season with a new partner.

The disciples come together

In 2015, Gideon and Sukamuljo were paired together, the start of something special. However, it did not start how things are currently going. In 2015, they won the Chinese Taipei Masters. This was considered a Grand Prix Gold tournament under the old BWF tournaments. As expected with any new partnership, it will take time for it to get solid.

Minions have definitely come a long way since this interview.

In 2016, things were looking more promising, after she won the Malaysian and Indonesian Masters titles. Previously, they beat Malaysian duo Tan Boon Hyung and Koo Ken Kit in the finals. More importantly, the team won their first Super Series at the 2016 Indian Open. From there, they added the China and Australian Opens to their pool, and the minions have made their mark and shown no signs of slowing down.

From 2017 on, they really came to life. Especially the first win all england The title as well as 6 other BWF Super Series titles, including the World Superseries Finals held in December 2017. This capped a remarkable year in which they set world number one and a new record – being the first men’s doubles duo with 7 titles in a single season.

2018 continued in the same vein. They participated in 10 out of 13 finals and won 9 of those finals. Including retaining the All England title. There was no slowdown in 2019 either, winning 8 tournaments, including the Super 1000.

With their above-mentioned achievements, it’s no wonder that they twice won Badminton Player of the Year 2017 And the 2018.

Points of strength and weakness

strength point

chemistry: There is no doubt that this pair plays wonderfully together. Both players know exactly where they need to be to cover each other. But that’s really underlined for me when Kevin plays some crazy shots that no one but his partner Marcus expected. When you play badminton in textbooks (Koreans for example), it is easier to know where to be because everything is very standard. The fact that Kevin can play something totally unconventional and that Marcus still manages to be in the right place is a testament to their chemistry.

Speed: This pair is probably the fastest men’s doubles pair in the ring. While Kevin Sanjaya is exceptionally fast in the front yard, the same can be said of his partner on the back court. The end effect is that both are able to prepare each other well for offensive play. It’s easy to see Socamolgo swinging around the net like a leopard going fast, making it almost easy to forget how fast Marcus was in the back court. It’s really basic attacking play from the husband.

Kevin Sanjaya Sukamulju has lightning hands and reflexes

defense: Have you ever played badminton against a wall? I can imagine a lot of the time, that’s how their opponents feel. Their reactions are incredible. They also play their opponents’ speed very well, as they can absorb power to return the shuttle to opponents. They have the luxury of being able to absorb an opponent’s attack before releasing a counterattack Or force the opponent to make a mistake.

flat game: One trademark of the Indonesian style of doubles is not to lift the shuttle and to run short flat drives to the opponent. There are a few pairs that do this in addition to minions, even among Asian countries. I expect to heights Give them an advantage in this situation and they are really able to put pressure on their opponents with this tactic.

Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo and Marcos Gideon dominated the badminton courts

hungry to winWhen you have achieved as much as you have, it can be easy to feel good about yourself. However, their winning profile from 2017 onwards shows no sign of slowing down. They clearly have a winning mentality. With the World Championship and Olympic title looming, I suspect they won’t be hitting the brakes anytime soon!

Weak points

Among their many strengths, it is not easy to find any weaknesses. But let’s go because no one is perfect!

Group formation: One of the weaknesses we can keep in mind is that both players have “set roles”. Many men’s matrimonial couples for years have followed this approach, so partnerships can compliment each other. It’s obviously more effective when Marcus is in back court Kevin V front court. When the roles are reversed, there is a lack of potency in their offensive play because Sucamolgo is not nearly as strong as Gideon. Boe and Mogensen have used this tactic to good effect in the past.

However, both players are more capable in these roles. know kevin Smashing It’s not powerful but it sets it up very well to force poor responses or earn the point outright.

Marcus isn’t quite as fast as Kevin up front but plays key shots to force the lift. This means that the husband can continue the attack. By acting in this way, they can continue to put pressure on their opponent and create opportunities for that Rotate backward in their preferred configuration.

impatience: While it’s rare for multiple doubles players to be able to withstand a minion’s attack for an extended period of time, there was one pair that caused problems for them.

Yuta Watanabe and Hiroyuki Endo can boast a 6-2 record against the minions. they defense He’s probably the best in the men’s doubles which helps neutralize the Indonesian offensive play. For this reason, the minions are clearly frustrated at their inability to break through the defenses of the Japanese. Instead of playing in a rally, they will often try to force shots (for example, playing difficult interceptions) or play high-error rate shots, such as going for lines.

unsportsmanlike: This is more relevant to Kevin. Some people seem to like Kevin’s mischievous behavior in court while others hate it. Perhaps this was just his carefree personality and onlookers like a bit of showmanship. However, it is unsportsmanlike behavior in my eyes. Although it’s not a technical weakness, I personally think it shows immaturity. He’s already so good that his game should speak for itself. For me, that’s the only thing that prevents him from being considered a great player in the sport, even if his skills are already there.


There is no doubt about the achievements of the disciples. They are one of the most exciting couples to watch in the ring. With Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo as a magician in the front yard and Marcos Fernaldi Gideon as a quick shot in the back court, there seems to be nothing stopping them. Focusing on the looming Tokyo Olympics now, she will definitely be one of the favorites for the gold medal.

What do you think of the minions? Are they your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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