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Lindsey Vonn: Tiger Woods Affair Helps Cope with Public Pressure, Still Doesn’t Talk About Marriage [VIDEO] : Golf: News of the world of sport


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Olympic figure skater Lindsey Vonn recently spoke about how her relationship with world number 1 golfer Tiger Woods taught her how to deal with pressure.

Vaughn said that a day after Woods held up the watershed in the United States’ fifth consecutive victory in the Presidents Cup over the international team. USA Today: “It’s hard for me to be in big events like the Olympics because there’s a lot of pressure and media attention, and he’s getting that every day.”

Vaughn later added, “He understands the pressure and he understands, of course, the competition at a very high level… It’s good to talk to him about it and we can relate to each other’s lives really well. So, I think that’s one of the reasons why we’re working.”

The couple announced their relationship last March by attending a high-profile charity gala in New York City together. It is the longest relationship Woods has known publicly since his divorce from his wife Ellen Nordegren amid widespread allegations that he was involved in relationships with several women.

For all their chemistry, the once-divorced Vaughn has scored in insisting that there be no plans for Woods’ wedding or to walk down the aisle again.


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