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Lindsey Vonn, Tiger Woods: Sammy the chipmunk crawls on Woods’ back at the Presidents Cup [VIDEO] : Golf: News of the world of sport


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Tiger Woods tends to be all the business on the golf course, so at the President’s Cup when his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn snuck a baby squirrel on his back, it was a pretty sight to behold.

The little creature, nicknamed Sammy the Squirrel, has become something of a good luck charm for the US team. Co-captain Davis Love III brought good luck to the team whenever he carried a squirrel, so most of the day was sticking with Sammy.

At one point during the day, Vaughn, an Olympic figure skater, became mischievous And he played a prank on the best golfer in the world, putting him on the back of an unsuspecting tiger while he was sitting in a cart. The tiger seemed annoyed at first, turning away from him, but he couldn’t help but smile when he saw Sami.

Love saved Sami in the second hole, when he spotted and picked him up for fear of being run over. “Lindsey (Vaughn) loves it,” Love said. He also explained the choice of Sami. “We didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl.”

The international team now trails the US by one point, but the results are secondary to sheer cuteness. “Freddy (husbands) wanted me to bring him to the press center but Sami already got enough press today,” love said.

While Sami helped the US jump to the top, the internationals rallied late. “What we showed today was full of heart,” Adam Scott said. “We can make that up with the first game tomorrow.”

Woods has partnered with Matt Kuchar, and a day later the pair look great. “We both have low stroke averages in the history of this tournament,” Woods said. “We put it together and feel very comfortable with how this golf course plays.”

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