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Lions GB Brad Holmes had an inspiring comeback from injury in college


There are many reasons to admire and appreciate the current general manager for Detroit Lions, Brad Holmes. You like that the fire and passion he brings to the job. You might like the way he brings the Lions organization forward using modern data analysis in the decision-making process. Maybe you like it the collaborative atmosphere in Allen Park. Heck, maybe you just long to see the team be more economical in the setback position like an editor-in-chief who is not to be named.

Justin Rogers at Detroit News has an uplifting story to add to the pile of things you like. His amazing reporting on how a college-old Holmes successfully fought back from serious injuries sustained in a car accident came live on their site yesterday:

Seeing how energetic and vital he is today, you would never know, but there are still some long-lasting things from the accident: “His injuries were bad, including a ruptured membrane. While in the hospital, he had a stroke and was in a coma for a week. And when he came to, the right side, which still has some remaining effects, was paralyzed. ”

When you read Justin Rogers’ story, you get the feeling that Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell definitely belong together. It is a good pairing of front office and coaching staff personalities that match in values as well as enthusiasm and positivity. Definitely go ahead and read the whole story, you will not be sorry.

Now on to the rest of today’s notes:

  • It seems that the lions are expanding their analysis staff:


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