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Mac Jones at the Patriots QB Contest – “We’re All in This Together’


Foxborough, Mass. – New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton He did not train Thursday due to a right hand injury, the first round of the draft pick لاختيار Mac Jones I mostly worked behind Garrett Stidham and veteran Brian Hoyer As he prepares for a potential bootcamp competition in late July.

“I’m a beginner so I’m just learning from them,” Jones said. “We’re all in this together. There’s competition but people want to have the wrong word out there like it’s bad or unhealthy competition.” “We’re all close. We’re all getting better together. That’s what we’re going to do.”

How Jones is improving quickly and positioning himself to be the starter is naturally a hot topic in New England after the Patriots picked him 15th overall, the first time coach Bill Belichick has selected the quarterback in the first round.

Belichick often points out that spring is the time for teaching, and that the real competition begins at the start of bootcamp in late July. He has previously declared Newton the best player on the team, saying that time will tell if anyone will challenge him. Meanwhile, Jones described Newton as his “good mentor”.

“He calls me ‘Mac and Cheese’, so I’ve got my nickname,” he said, adding that Stidham and Hoyer also helped him in the movie room as he gauges them in mastering the rules of the game.

“They can do it really fast. My goal is to be able to do it faster every day and I’ve tried to do it. It’s kind of second nature to them. I have to know how to do it quickly and take plays very quickly to level in a new attack.”

Assessing his progress, Jones, 22, admitted he had some good days, then some bad days.

“It’s not going to be perfect every day. It’s tough when you’re competitive and you want it to be really good every day. It won’t be like that at first. Eventually you get it and things start to roll,” he said. “I guess it just comes down to following my rules and there’s a lot going on in my mind. You’re just trying to see everything. Sometimes you see a lot or something else. Then you don’t see anything. So I must find out, in this crime, how I can do that.” – How do I divide the plays, what is my job, what should I do in this specific play, then divide the plays individually.

“I did really well in college, or whatever, but these are the pros and I have to figure out how to do it here.”

Jones, who led Alabama to the National Championship last season while completing 77.4% of his passes, described how he was getting closer each day.

“I have two buckets,” he said. “Things I know are in one bucket, and things I keep spoiling—or things I don’t get—I have to put them in another bucket and find out what’s wrong.” “You have to improve the bad and keep the good in the good.”

The Patriots are set to hold a final voluntary organized group activity on Friday, after which they will have their mandatory three-day mini-camp starting Monday.

Regarding what Belichick saw Jones learning about the rules of the game, he said, “Mac works on it just like everyone else, and there are so many things all these people can learn and absorb, and it builds up every day. But as a group, they’ve worked hard and we We are making progress…things are going in the right direction.”



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