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Main Event Results – June 3, 2021


Main event
Date: June 3, 2021
Location: Yuengling Center, Tampa, Florida
Commentators: Kevin Patrick, Byron Saxton

I’m not sure what to expect from this show and it’s a nice feeling to have. Above all else, the Main Event has mixed things up a bit in recent weeks and above all else, making the show more fun. The Main Event went so far overboard with the same wrestlers in the same matches every week and it’s nice to see a few things get beaten up. Let’s get to that.

Opening sequence.

Mansoor vs. Drew Gulak

Gulak takes him to the mat without much effort to start in a few seconds. Backup and Gulak hit him in the face a few times, but Mansoor gets in his own shot. Gulak has a head scissors with an armrest down this time, and it’s a regular armrest to make it worse.

Gulak slides out of it in a hurry and starts working on the leg, but adds in a chinlock with the legs still tied. It’s turned into another armrest, but Gulak slips out in a hurry for another standoff. It’s Gulak’s turn into an ugly grip, so we hit Gory Stretch. With that broken up, Gulak grabs something like a Texas Cloverleaf Liontamer, but Mansoor switches to a pinfall reversal sequence for two each. Gulak grabs a sunset, but Mansoor turns into a knife for the pin at. 05.49.

Result: Mansoor f. Drew Gulak – Jackknife rollup (5:49)

From Smackdown.

Usos are ready for their first match back, but here is Roman Reigns to interrupt. Reigns will know their playoffs where Jimmy says the goal is to win. They want the Tag Team titles next to Reigns’ universal title, so they get all the gold. Reigns is behind them and says good luck. Jimmy leaves and Jey looks worried, so Reigns asks if Jimmy is speaking for Jey now. Jey says he’s with Jimmy tonight, but also with Reigns. Reigns says he should go and tell Jimmy, so Jey travels too.

From Smackdown.

Street Profits Vs. Usos

Before the match, the merits talk about how they had fun with Usos last week, but now it’s time to get a little more serious. They were flattered by the challenge, but they have also been down since day one. The profits remember everything Usos has done over the years, but these are some different Usos tonight. They have not been together for a long time, and now Roman Reigns lives for free in Jey’s head. Keep an eye on Usos and we’ll be ready.

Well, hold on actually as the Usos brag about their achievements and say that a win here means they are one step closer to getting the titles back. Angelo Dawkins does not like the idea of ​​being a springboard, so they make a lot of Mario references before we go on a break before the match.

Dawkins drives Jimmy over to start, and it goes to Ford, who wants to meet Jey. It takes some time to get started, so it’s a delay before Ford can arm him in an armrest. A double suplex lets Dawkins grab his own armrest, but it’s quick for Jimmy. Jimmy hits a leaping forearm in the corner to take over, and there’s a header to keep Dawkins in trouble.

Jimmy comes back and gets pulled down, allowing the brand to Ford. A double clothesline puts Usos on the floor and Jey is sent into the timer. Jimmy goes over the advertiser table and we take a break. Back with the Ford ax handling Jimmy’s arm, but Jey makes a blind tag and pulls Ford to the floor. That means a throw in the barricade and the chinlock back inside as we see Roman Reigns look in the back. A snap suplex gives Jimmy two and it’s back to Jey for a wishbone.

Ford manages a step up enziguri to send Jey outside, so it’s Jimmy grabbing the legs. It’s fine with Ford sipping and hitting a leaping enziguri to drop Jimmy as well. The dive mark … allows as Jey pulls Dawkins to the floor. Jimmy hits the Samoan drop and we take another break. Back again with Jey’s superplex broken up and Ford hitting another enziguri. However, they dry each other and it’s a double knockdown. Dawkins and Jimmy both come in with Dawkins sending him straight back to the apron.

This time it is Jimmy who hits his own enziguri, but a right hand knocks him on top. Ford hits a run of a running flip dive to drop Jey, leaving Jimmy to superkick Dawkins for two. The ongoing Umaga attack is blocked, and Dawkins’ double swinging neckbreaker underhook gets two, leaving him stunned. Spinebuster creates Cash Out, but Jey pulls Jimmy out of the way. A low superkick ends Ford at. 21:46.

Result: Usos b. Street Profits – Low Super Kick For Ford (21:46)

From Smackdown.

Jey Uso comes in to see Reigns, who is not happy with the title fight. Reigns is not happy as Jimmy is back and Usos is relegated to the opening match. He does not want Jey to return to being “who is he”. Jey seems to like this mindset.

Video on Shayna Baszler’s problems with Reginald.

Eva-Lution is coming.

From raw.

Shayna Baszler vs. Reginald

Reginald has to turn away from Baszler to start and even manages a slam to put her down. It’s too far for Baszler to start on his feet to put him in trouble. Baszler stomps on the leg and swings a little on it and puts the ankle lock up. It’s broken up and Reginald hits a spinning crossbody and sets up a one-legged moon ship. Reginald must land on his feet as Baszler moves, so Kirifuda Clutch continues. Then fire comes out of the corner, and Reginald rolls her up to the pin at. 4:16 (ignore Baszler’s shoulder from the mat).

Result: Reginald F. Shayna Baszler – Rollup (4:16)

Reginald flees backwards and is hugged by Nia Jax.

From raw.

It’s time for Alexa’s Playground with Reginald as a guest. Shayna Baszler shows up to knock Reginald down, but Alexa Bliss says Lily doesn’t like her. Baszler says this is becoming a problem and she needs to have a “chat” with Bliss. They can see each other next week. Baszler tells Lily that she’s just a stupid doll.

Jeff Hardy mod Mustafa Ali

Hardy takes him down by the arm to start, but Ali takes him in the corner for some kicks to the ribs. It doesn’t seem to bother Hardy coming to the middle rope to get an ax grip to the head. Twist of Fate is broken up, so Hardy knocks him outside and puts a dropkick through the ropes. A dive takes Ali down again and we take a break.

Back with Ali hitting a running neck breaker in two and putting the chinlock on. Jeff controls the jaw breaker, and playdrop between the legs sets up the basement dropkick. A splash gives Hardy two, and his gordbuster gets the same. Ali counteracts the fateful cord for a super kick for two, and they head out with Hardy being sent off. Back and Koji Clutch knocks Hardy out at. 11:09.

Result: Mustafa Ali f. Jeff Hardy – Koji Clutch (11:09)

Video about Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre with Hurt Business running in to the double DQ.

From raw.

Kofi Kingston Vs. Drew McIntyre

The winner gets the title shot against Lashley (who along with MVP is excluded from the ring side) at HIAC. Kingston has a Green Ranger look here. They start quickly with Kofi grabbing a few rollups for each and earning himself a chop into the corner. Backups, and Kofi manages to knock him out and put a springboard of confidence when we take a break.

We come back with Kofi hammering away in the corner but being knocked down again. A suplex gives McIntyre two, but Kofi grabs a guillotine, which is countered to a suplex, countered in a small packet to give Kingston two. Some running forearms in the corner tilt McIntyre, but he clicks off a tummy to tummy suplex.

There is another suplex, but Kofi counts a right hand in SOS for two. Pulled heads outside so Kofi goes to the top of the post for the confidence drop. However, it is pulled out of the air and Drew sends him over the barricade when we take a break. Back again with Drew getting two from a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and swinging on both arms at once. With it broken up, a frustrated Drew takes him to the top, but is turned into a powerbomb.

Kofi’s middle rope dropkick connects, but Drew gets creative with a swinging Futureshock for two. A spinebuster gives McIntyre two more, and a superkick gives Kofi the same. Kofi goes up, but Drew hits the choke throw superplex. Claymore is cut off by Trouble In Paradise in very close two as Drew grabs the rope. Kofi sends him to the floor and hits the standing double tramp from the apron. Back and Kingston goes up again, but gets Claymored out of the air to the pin at. 22:40.

Result: Drew McIntyre f. Kofi Kingston – Claymore (22:40)

We get a handshake after the match, and here’s Bobby Lashley and MVP for staredown to end the show.

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