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Mel Reed is ‘very excited’ about her second outfit with Elise


Sprinter Ellesse Mel Reid has signed a partnership agreement with the Italian sportswear brand for another year and launched a second clothing collection.

Mel Reed is ‘very excited’ about her second outfit with Elise

After the success of her first clothing line, Mel Red It has once again teamed up with Italian sportswear brand Ellesse and American Golf to launch a second generation range.

With the aim of giving a more modern look to the game and improving the overall quality and choices that female golfers have when it comes to their on-court attire, Red has enjoyed the collaborative design process and is proud of what she has been able to do in such a short amount of time together.

“I think there isn’t a huge market for women’s golf apparel,” said Reed, who came forward after the first round last week. US Women’s Open. “When I called Ellis a couple of years ago, I thought it was a great opportunity, especially when they said, ‘We’d like you to have some input into the design.'”

“I’m really proud of the development they’ve seen over the two years with a little bit of my input. The ideas they come up with to me; I’m just basically telling them what I know golfers, or girls who play on the rounds, love their clothes for the look, the fit and the performance.”

“I’m excited for the line that just fell off – I think it’s the best they’ve done so far – and I’m so excited to be wearing it and showing it off a little bit this year.”

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Reed rose to fame at the 2007 Women’s Open when she finished tied for 16th at the Old Course in St Andrews to win the amateur low. Since then, the 33-year-old has gone on to score seven professional wins – six on the LET Tour and one on the LPGA Tour at last year’s ShopRite Classic, having moved to America in 2018.

Reed won the first LPGA Tour title of her career at the 2020 ShopRite LPGA Classic

However, as much as a champion on the course, she’s also a leading voice in the women’s game off the track, and she hopes this latest clothing line will inspire more companies to follow Ellesse’s example.

“I think a method that works for a lot of women’s groups doesn’t necessarily fit an athletic woman very well,” she continued. “I think it suits the 50-year-old country club woman very well, but for someone who’s younger or plays golf, I can see why it wouldn’t appeal to them.

‘And so, I think that’s what Elisey did really well. When I first had a meeting with them, I said, ‘Look, if you design clothes that fit well in the right places, and you can play golf and then go and meet friends in a bar without them realizing that you’ve played Golf, that’s the ultimate goal.”

“I hate wearing clothes that look like I was on the course, which is why I think they do a really good job in the women’s clothing space because I feel like they tick all the boxes.

“They’ve done a great job, and like I said, I wish more companies would do really nice and beautiful golf wear for women because there just isn’t enough.”

Modern design has proven to be a moot point in the men’s game in recent years, with golf shirts and joggers in particular appearing to excite many ultra-traditionalists who now have a growing number of platforms to air their clothing. opinions.

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It doesn’t matter, however, Reid, and from her new range, she is particularly excited about the launch of these two items into the field of women’s golf.

“They bring in golfers – I’m really excited about it. It’s something I’ve been championing for a year now. And obviously a golf hoodie – I love playing with a hoodie and I think it looks really good.

“I’m excited to wear it and see how it performs in different types of weather conditions.”

For those who want to check out and stay up to date with the Ellesse and Mel Reid women’s clothing collection, head over to americangolf.co.uk.


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