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Miami Dolphins 2021 NFL Preseason Schedule


The 2021 NFL schedule was officially released last month, and as we do with all things football, we made it an extravagant event. There were TV offers and special events were held all over the globe. It was TV to be seen.

There were also plenty of accounts that we never heard of leaking rumors about matchups all day. Pretends to have things first for internet fame and fortune. But the one thing that no one seemed to know is when will this year’s new schedule for three games ahead of the season be played.

Sure, we had matchups and even an idea of ​​when the games would occur, but we wanted dates and times !!! Today, the NFL completed their 2021 preseason schedule, and we now have what everyone wants, preseason dates and times for your Miami Dolphins.

Best of all, the dolphins get one PRIMETIME WEEK 3 MATCHUP against Cincinnati Bengals. We probably will not see Joe Burrow vs. Tua Tagovailoa, but who knows how teams will approach a critical third game in a three-game schedule. Jacoby Brissett Vs. Brandon Allen is not that bad either. But I know, I know. “DO NOT QUARTER ON JUST AGAINST ANYONE ELSE YOUR FOOL !!!!”

Nevertheless, 2021 NFL preseason approaching fast. And for a Miami Dolphins team that incorporates a new offense and fine-tunes things on defense, it probably feels like the walls are closing in quickly.

For us fans, however, August 14th cannot get here fast enough!

Are you participating in any of the Miami Dolphins’ preseason games? Which of these matchups are you most looking forward to? How many starters play in the third and final preseason game? Tell us in the comments below!


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