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Muddy Groves has not officially spoken to Swimming Australia about the bomb claim


swimming coach australia Crane Perkins Muddy Groves says no formal complaint has been filed The claim that there are “misogynistic perverts” within sports.

Groves, who won two silver medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics, made the allegations in an explosive social media post.

“You can no longer take advantage of young women and girls, physically shame or use medicinal gases, and then expect them to represent you so that you can earn your annual reward,” Groves wrote.

“time is over.”

Groves has pulled out of the Olympic swimming trials starting in Adelaide this weekend.

Acknowledging the seriousness of these allegations, Perkins urged Groves to contact Swimming Australia.

“Unfortunately, Maddie is definitely struggling at the moment apparently, based on the social media posts she’s making,” she said today.

“The truth is, that’s all we know, what’s on social media, at no point did she contact Swimming Australia, we weren’t able to speak to her directly and get to know her concerns.

“I can certainly reassure her that allegations like this are of paramount importance to us, and that providing a safe environment for all of our participants is paramount to us.”

Perkins says the Australian Swimming Club is still eager to help Groves.

“Unfortunately the social media posts don’t make any actionable claim to us, we actually need to sit down and talk to people about this,” he said.

“We would like to do that and we would like Maddie to come and talk to us if she feels like she can.

“The challenge is also for Maddie as a person, we know she has had some very significant health issues for the past year or so.

“Unfortunately, with not being put in the best physical condition for these health issues to allow her to compete, she had to withdraw from the trials.

“It’s definitely a very difficult time.”

In November, Groves posted on Twitter that she had complained “a few years ago,” claiming the swimmer “is making me feel uncomfortable with the way they stare at my clothes.”

She then claimed that the person “may have gotten a promotion”.

Perkins, president of Swimming Australia, also doesn’t know who Groves was referring to.

“I have absolutely no evidence of any complaint or promotion of anyone because I don’t know who you are talking about or what the complaint is,” he said.

“I don’t actually have proof of that, and that’s really worrying.

“In terms of the culture of our sport, this is something that stabs the heart of everyone involved in swimming.

“We work hard to provide an open and safe environment for everyone.

“I would strongly disagree with that opinion.”

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